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CWXI Development League

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The Cricketweb XI will be starting a domestic league to help with selection of tour sqauds. Keep in mind this is not an international league.

It will be called the development league and it will comprise of minnow teams, 'A' teams and Youth teams playing against the CWXI Development Team. The team will allow players not contracted to go on a tour to keep their cricketing skills sharp by continuing to play in domestic cricket.

In addition, we will be introducing an injury system. This way, if a player gets injured or is out of form, he or she may be dropped and an 'in-form' player called up to replace him/her. The league is essentially Cricketweb XI's County Cricket. It will be called the Development League.

The League should begin after the current tour of South Africa and will be accompanied by the contracted squad being cut from 18 players to 15 for the next tour - to the West Indies. As such, the Developemnt League will be run in the WI at the time to save money (yes, we're cheap :P) in travel fees. Once again this is not an international league.

We encourage any new players to sign up to play for the Development Team.
I hope everyone understands the concept of this league and that people will sign up.

The hotmail addresses of the CWCBC (Cricketweb Cricket Board of Control):-

sportzfreak3@hotmail.com (Mr Mxyzptlk)
reubenverghese@hotmail.com (Lord_of_Darkness)
rhingston@hotmail.com (Langeveldt)


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Yup this sounds really good , mxy and me been talking about it for a good while and thought about the negatives etc and the positives

This will be a really good thing and will see what ppl like Ump money , paid and neil etc to prove themselves into a team and give them a chance

it will also give them a chance to bat at a position of which they desire ( depending we nice enough to offer it ) so that they can prove themselves for that spot

eg say if CW XI need an opener and they play as opener and prove themselves they might just get a callup

Mr Mxyzptlk

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From the next tour, we will be contracting players as follows:-

Min 2 tour contract.
Max 5 tour contract.

The captain and vice-captain will be contracted for 4 tours at a time. At the end of each 4-tour period, the Board will convene and decide on the fate of the capt./vc.

Max contract edited to 5 tours. I just talked to Lord and we arrived at this. Lang: if you have any objections or comments please, by all mean, let us know.
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International Vice-Captain
Name: Supah Freak
Handedness (LHB/RHB):RHB
Keeper? N
Bowling (OS/LS/LAS/Chinaman/F/FM/MF/M): LS (leg spin)
General Batting position (1-11): 8

Batting Avge: 22
Bowling Avge: 29


International Debutant
Name: Eclipse
Handedness: LHB (I Was a right hander but I changed & yes it was very hard )
Keeper? N
Bowling : LMF
General Batting position (1-11): In the top 3 usualy 3 but I much rather opening.

Batting Avge: I dont really keep track of my avrage but it's close to 50 I will say 47.
Bowling Avge: roughly 130 lol I am usualy the last person called on these days.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Every bowling avge over 100 will be approximated to 99 unless the person wishes to develop his or her bowling. In this case, it will be dropped to 60.


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Nice signups already !!

more go ahead

even the players that didnt make the current 18 feel free

even though its not necessary if u had played in the Prems or the 1sts team


International Debutant
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
Every bowling avge over 100 will be approximated to 99 unless the person wishes to develop his or her bowling. In this case, it will be dropped to 60.
Yes Yes drop it to 60 :D :D

I have been working on my bowling and I did take a hatrick in the under 14's many years ago.

That was a good match 3 wickets and a 50no. At that level you had to retire at 50 witch really sucked :!(

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The invitees for the Development tournament:-

Aus 'A', SA 'A', Eng 'A', NZ 'A', WI 'A', Zim 'A', Minnows XV.

The teams will play in 5-day and 50-over matchups. Teams will be playing for the Development Shield and indepth stats will be kept. We're hoping to get our own spot in the forum for the CWXI and the Development League.

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have pulled their 'A' teams out of the tournament after failing to meet the deadline for the $500,000 entry fee.;)
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International Captain
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
We're hoping to get our own spot in the forum for the CWXI and the Development League.
I have contacted James on your behalf and hopfully you should have something set up soon.

Mr Mxyzptlk

Request Your Custom Title Now!
The SA 'A', Eng 'A', WI 'A', Zim 'A' and Minnows XI squads have been decided upon and will be made public soon.


International Captain
Name: Masterblaster
Handedness (LHB/RHB): RHB
Keeper? No
Bowling (OS/LS/LAS/Chinaman/F/FM/MF/M): RMF
General Batting position (1-11): 6-8 (Ideally 6 or 7)

Batting Avge: 26
Bowling Avge:27

Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
I cant really play here because effectively im in South Africa with the tour............hmmm think about that.

Na ill sign up

Im a rhb
i am not a keeper but i can try maybe part time
I bowl right arm medium maybe medium fast

Batting Ave: i really havent played but i reackon it would be between 15-25
Bowling Ave: im probably more of a bowler.
averaging about 30-20.

i can bowl leggys as well they seem to be coming out nicely at the moment as well.

i reckon i could be a rookie captain as well.(somthing for u to think about)
sorry about the indecisivness


International Coach
Name: Pete or PY
Handedness RHB
Keeper Y (In a Dravid kinda way)
Bowling M
General Batting position 3-4
Batting Avge: 25
Bowling Avge: it is about 12 but that isn't realistic so about 40
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Cricketer Of The Year
Do I have to sign up or am I already contracted?

plus do you want me to make up the NZ 'A' team?