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CW FTP Championship II


Hall of Fame Member
Division One Fixtures - Round 6 (14/8)

Male Models (965) v BEST Indies (781) [Uneven]
Dynamo Morpork (629) v Zero Pillars and Hero Fillers (866) [Slow]
Jaffna Jets (865) v Scaly Piscine CC (207) [Hard]
Otago (964) v Blackcaps (451) [Dry]

Division Two Fixtures - Round 6 (14/8)

Asterix XI (119) v Dai-Gurren Brigade (1989) [Flat]
Central Districts (167) v Healhurst (692) [Hard]
Swamibapa CC (1149) v Navman Cheesecake (430) [Dry]
Saggers Mob (1032) v Alternative XI (1056) [Slow]

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
****. Suddenly accepted a friendly from some non-CW cnut for the 21st. And after that it's cup match.

Think before you click... (N)


International Vice-Captain
Blackcaps face Otago

Blackcaps play against Otago at Blackcaps CC today as part of CW Championship II. Powerful Otago team will hope for a win against struggling Blackcaps. Blackcaps however, are expected to make some changes and experiment with some new guns as their senior players are out of form. Hogg & Chappell, who played excellent cricket last week are expected to get place in the team. Watson, Blackcaps wicket keeper tells that the pitch is dry and it would help his team mate Walters.

Lets see whether Blackcaps stuns Otago or not!


International Vice-Captain
Otago bowlers too much for Blackcaps

Blackcaps faltered against Otago medium pacers and were allout for just 112 batting first at Blackcaps CC. Thanks to Karl King for his 35 runs, otherwise Blackcaps would have skilted for a score of below 100.

Huntington took 3 wickets for Otago as Blackcaps top order were all the in hut at score reading 35-6 . Karl King & Becker steadied the ship with 42 run partnership for 7th wicket. Karl King & Hitchcock too managed 31 run partnership for 8th wicket. These partnerships saved Blackcaps from blushes.

Chasing an easy target of 112, Otago batsman showed caution & aggression. They chased it with 8 wickets in hand and with 23 overs to spare.

Blackcaps captain Searcy speaking at the press conference told that their batsman did not apply themselves properly against Otago bowlers. He told that their batsman played too many shots on the dry pitch in humid conditions.


State 12th Man
End of over 25 (3 runs) - BEST Indies(104-2) RR 4.16
D. Eligon 30 (42b) , A. Cassimy 34 (58b) , M. Stevens 3-1-6-0

Would like to get rid of Cassimy. 220-230 would be a nice target for me.


State 12th Man
Won by 5 wickets, pretty impressed with that. Allanson got another century.

Match Ratings
High Places BEST Indies
Batting - Top Order: 5,541 5,504
Batting - Middle Order: 5,119 4,535
Batting - Tail: 2,902 2,942
Bowling - Seam: 4,952 (6) 4,337 (8)
Bowling - Spin: 4,695 (4) 3,632 (2)
Fielding/Keeping: 6,129 6,214
Overall: 93,979 88,604


International Regular
Match about to start against Hakon, have no chance, but promoted some youths just to see my ratings. Think my whole team is under 19.


International Regular
0.4 W Guthrie to Wates : [catch] Short and wide outside the off stump, Wates shuffles across and flashes hard at it. The ball clips the edge and goes straight to Weeks behind the stumps.
G. Wates c S. Weeks b. E. Guthrie 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR:0.00

Excellent start. :dry:

1.2 W Pickett to Rangnekar : A straight ball hit's him in line, the finger is slowly raised.
C. Rangnekar lbw b. B. Pickett 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR:0.00

2/3, can i push 10?

1.5 W Pickett to Kaluperuma : A short rising delivery pitched on the middle and off stump line and angling across. Kaluperuma goes for the pull and is beaten for pace.
B. Kaluperuma c J. Jones b. B. Pickett 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR:0.00

Alright, i give up.
Last edited:


Hall of Fame Member
Stumbled to 237. Can't see us defending that.

End of over 50 (10 runs) - Jaffna Jets(237-6) RR 4.74
S. Kularatne 93 (103b) , S. Andrahennadi 40 (42b) , C. Hogg 10-0-54-1


International Regular
Well, 9 runs until the next wicket fell...

Sometimes i wish i lost the U19 election, so i could quit this game.


Hall of Fame Member
Scaly Piscine CC won by 7 wickets

End of over 44 (2 runs) - Scaly Piscine CC(238-3) RR 5.41
A. Yatawara 70 (72b) , L. Kenny 76 (110b) , C. Deshapriya 6.2-0-40-0

Jaffna Jets Scaly Piscine CC
Batting - Top Order: 5,908 5,527
Batting - Middle Order: 5,076 5,409
Batting - Tail: 2,619 3,063
Bowling - Seam: 5,261 (6) 5,096 (6)
Bowling - Spin: 6,233 (4) 6,334 (4)
Fielding/Keeping: 5,394 6,031
Overall: 96,224 98,982

Very comfortable win for Scaly in the end. Thought we were about 60 odd runs short and it proved to be right. One day our top order will play like 6k players and not continually get rolled by 5k seam attacks. Probably need to spread the talent around a bit more, or maybe it shows we only have one batsmen of note.