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**CW Contracts**

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Season XIV Contracts

With the new season comes a new set of contracts, with several changes to the last batch, reflecting how much has happened in the past year. The CWBCC consulted the PA Representative and the CW XI Head Coach to determine these contracts.

Due to his disciplinary problems and indefinite departure from CWLand, promising wicketkeeper-batsman Shan Jasotharan has not had his contract renewed. He is joined by Greg Thomas and Dave Watt, who will now look to battle their way back into contention for international selection, having fallen out of favour of late. The retirement of legspinner Tom Halsey also opened another spot in the 15, and as such, there are a couple of new names in the frame.

CW Blue batsman Pete Young confirms his stunning career turnaround by receiving a central contract, while Dave Kennett is downgraded to a secondary role. James Stedman earns a promotion to the central pool, and Sean Fuller, Dave Richards and Nick Borcich are secondary contracted. Xavier Rose maintains his secondary contract, as he tries to break into the CW XI ODI team.

AP Cloete
NS Pickup
T Mamesh
H Mørk jr.
LA Camps jr.
CR Butler
RJ Dauth
PE Young
JE Stedman
AP Chaulk
KR Clapham
AJ Crampton
MW Wilson
KJ Gough
TJ Demeza

XPA Rose
SE Fuller
DP Richards
NA Borcich
DM Kennett

Congratulations to all who have received contracts, and I trust that the Dev League captains realize the implications of this list on the Season XIV domestic contract dealings.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Borcich deserving his secondary contract on finals bowling alone.

...oh wait.

Haha, congrats to all with a contract. Do us proud.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Congrats fellas.

Will work twice as hard to try and get back into contention. I haven't been bowling well off late and will put in extra nets sessions to up my game.