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**CW Contracts**

Mr Mxyzptlk

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New breakthroughs in Cricket Web cricket with the establishment of contracts for players within the system. Previously managed separately, the CWBCC has now ensured better control over the players by comfirming them in their employ. The contracts will be a season in length and give the selected players job security and communicate a higher likelihood of international selection.

A pool of 20 players will be contracted each season. Of those, 15 will be fully contracted and 5 will receive secondary contracts. Those with secondary contracts will be watched by selectors and play as much Dev League cricket as is possible.

The CWBCC does however reserve the right to terminate any contract on the basis of disciplinary action or constant injury. Please note that players not given contracts are still eligible for selection.

The contracted players for the upcoming season (7) are as follows:

Blewy (RHB/RM)
Broncoman (RHM/RFM)
Rich_2001 (RHB/LS)
Marc71178 (RHB/RM)
Cloete (RHB/LS)
Eclipse (LHB)
Bugssy (RHB/RFM)
Mr. Ponting (RHB/RF)
Mr. Wright (RHB/RFM)
Neil Pickup (RHB/LS)
Tom Halsey (RHB/LS)
Mr. Mxyzptlk (RHB/RFM)
David Jr. (RHB/RF)
Lord of Darkness (RHB/OS)

Jason Toogood (RHB/RFM)
Ash Chaulk (RHB/WK)
C Buts (LHB/RMF)
Xavier Rose (RHB/RFM)
Dave (RHB/RF)

The centrally contracted players will be carefully managed by the CWBCC and the amount of non-international cricket played will be regulated to avoid major injury. Any contracted player wishing to participate in County Cricket or Grade Cricket or otherwise during the offseason must apply for and receieve a permit from the CWBCC.
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International Captain
Sounds aweosme. I would like to apply for a grant to play County Cricket for whichever county should want me (preferably one that would want me as captain :P).


You'll Never Walk Alone
waits and waits for dev league... haha toogood no primary contract? GO HALSEY!!!!


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Mr Mxyzptlk said:
Very unlikely. It's more likely that they get injured in club cricket...
how? getting hit by a 15 year old 4th grade wanna be???
come one we are test cricketers :p

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Nnanden said:
waits and waits for dev league... haha toogood no primary contract? GO HALSEY!!!!
Nice to recieve support from my fellow Blue - much appreciated. :)

Only thing to say is...go the Blues next year! :cool: :D


You'll Never Walk Alone
haha well if our american contracts are offered to us, we will join forces once more!!

Mr Mxyzptlk

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zghansar said:
I would want to play for the English County
You can't request to play for a County. You have to be invited. You can sign up for a club though, if there's still room...