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Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread


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a question rather than criticism: you went with 1970 to now as the modern era - why then, and if you change 1970 to, say, 1980, or even, 2000, how much does that jank the numbers around? because i would say it's a more robust result if the 1970-2022 result is in the ballpark of the 1980/1990/2000-2022
You're free to choose another year's filter, if you deem it more appropriate. To me, the game did undergo a great period of transition in the 70s, so that by the start of the 80s I am very confident that the games and players could be transported back and forth in time without too much culture shock (maybe helmets being an exception, but honestly think that's a bit overplayed on match impact, rare instances of extreme bodily harm notwithstanding).

But I couldn't pick a specific point in the 1970s as the "start" of the modern era, and also a 1970 start includes the entirety of the careers of Gavaskar, Richards, and the great allrounders as well (Imran, Hadlee, Botham, Dev), so that's why it's a convenient starting point for me, even though I know it's flawed and there's no "perfect" start point.

As a side note, I also think that the players of now are more skilled overall than in 1970 or 1980 or even from earlier more radically different eras, and that increase in skill progresses over time, in a subtle but real way. Ultimately, I find the comparison exercises a bit futile, as no one knows exactly how the whole time machine experiment would work, barring the invention of such a gadget, but I do have a strong suspicion of this general upward trend holding true.

Shady Slim

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Ed Cowan, who played 18 Tests for Australia from 2011 to 2013 as a top-order batter, is an old boy from Cranbrook School in Sydney (fees of $38,862 [£21,300] for senior day pupils in 2021). A prolific player in junior cricket, Cowan said that the Australian stereotype of players from elite schools lacking toughness counted against him.
i am a huge cowers cowan fan but boo ****in hoo lmao that's me playing the world's smallest violin for this man


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I think that was probably true when Cowan was coming up, but he was essentially a forerunner to the new generation of private school NSW cricketers


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I'm not convinced he'll be good enough against top international bowlers but can't hurt to give him a chance, testing him out on a mickey mouse tournament that doesn't matter


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Haha I read that yesterday. Is he getting special treatment because he's a famous sportsman?
Nah not really. He’s getting some training privileges revoked (he’s in National Service atm) which is probably going to significantly impact his career.

First time offenders typically don’t get charged here for consumption, and his treatment is in line with that.


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Just because the Nottingham Skips are being awarded the Hundred trophy....Moores and Patel are still wearing pads, even though they were out ages ago. Is this a superstition thing? Why do batters keep them on?