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CLT20 Rides Roughshod Over Test Cricket


International Regular
yeah this. can't see why they cant reschedule the odi leg for sometime later.

bcci is showing the way in this regard.
Well, the hands of BCCI were forced in those instances by the wrath of the Indian fans. The power of the TV remote. Of their own accord, they had not scheduled any test matches at all.

To check out the following that test cricket has on Cricket Web, I went through some old threads on the India-SA and India-Australia series recently. The amount of flack that BCCI received for increasing the number of test matches from zero to two (and not three) was somewhat astonishing.

I have had great fun this morning, visualizing the Cricket Web horde that would have spontaneously arisen, breathing fire and brimstone at the BCCI had they actually curtailed the number of test matches in a series in order to accommodate a T20 tournament.


U19 Debutant
T20 will remain **** in my book,i'll stop watching this game the day they start making tours without tests.Be damned if i have to see the day when yusuf pathan is the best player in the world becoz t20 is the most played format.:@


Global Moderator
On the bright side it means we get a 4 Test series between Aus and SA in the future.

Which will be ****ing awesome.

(CLT20 can **** off though. Most pointless, stupid tournament in existence)
Except to the states. It's the only real way that they can get their hands on more money than what they get from Cricket Australia and increase their revenue, especially from a Cricket Operations point of view.