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Budget Draft Revised


Hall of Fame Member
Sunil Gavaskar
Sidney Barnes
Ken Barrington
Clem Hill*'
Dudley Nourse
Phil Mead
Lee Irvine+
Richard Hadlee
Ray Lindwall
Neil Adcock
Rajinder Goel

Centuries down to 9. Excellent all-conditions pace attack so the spinner will only have to hold an end.


International Coach
Jock Cameron to complete my XI.

Barry Richards
Herbie Collins
Viv Richards (c)
Everton Weekes
Stan McCabe [5]
Seymour Nurse
Jock Cameron (wk)
Malcolm Marshall [1]
Clarrie Grimmett [4]
Tom Richardson [3]
Allan Donald [2]

Unused (after trading 3000 runs for 100 wickets): 10 matches, 2439 runs, 16 wickets.

Pretty happy with that team. 3 ATG batsmen (2 Richards and Weekes) and McCabe almost a great, ably supported by Nurse and Collins. Lot of strokemakers throughout -- Fancy a partnership between the 2 Richards followed by counter attack from #4 to #7 who are all strokemakers too. Bowling led by 3 ATG bowlers (Marshall, Donald, Grimmett) followed by Richardson another great of his time. Imagine a batsmen facing the pace, cunning and skill of Marshall and Donald simultaneously and then imagine spin test by one of the greatest leggie who still holds record for fastest to 200 wickets. The 4 bowlers together have a whopping 74 fivers to their name 204 games. Cameron as one of the finest glovemen produced by South Africa will be safe behind wickets too.
I updated my write-up. I just realized I picked superb strokemakers all the way. With exception of Collins all batsmen up to #7 were aggressors. Will be a delightful line-up to watch if nothing else.
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Hall of Fame Member
Sid Barnes - one of cricket's bad boys. One of the fastest to get to 1000 runs, he had a habit of going big and as such packed several impressive partnerships with Bradman in a short career despite rubbing the most powerful man in cricket the wrong way. And that's why his career ended abruptly.

Sunil Gavaskar - not much more can be said of Gavaskar than what is already known to every cricket fan. One of those who can claim to be the best since Bradman. The greatest opener since Hutton without a shadow of doubt.

Ken Barrington - England's finest since Hutton. Unfairly marked down as a grafter despite scoring as fast as the likes of Compton and May. Barrington had a habit of bringing up important milestones with 6s and his Ashes record is legendary too. Paradoxically, he averaged more in FC cricket than he did in county cricket and even higher still in tests.. and highest of all in Australia. An ATG.

Clem Hill - another Ashes hero. His 1902 campaign has been immortalised as part of cricketing folklore. Hill remains one of the fastest scoring batsmen of all time and one of the finest left handers too. As impactful and brilliant as Trumper and Ranji yet still underrated. Certainly another great.

Dudley Nourse - a prodigy from that ever reliable South African schoolboy sport system. Certainly only a very special talent could score a double century against O'Reilly and Grimmett in a series where the 2nd best batsman in his team had more luck rolling his arm over. Indisputably an ATG.

Phil Mead - 153 first class centuries at the cost of a mere 17 tests was just too good to pass up on. As his test average of 49.4 indicates, Mead was no Ramprakash either. His prime was lost to war and after it, his test spot was usurped by token amateurs like Carr and Chapman.

Lee Irvine - a hard hitting batsman and an able keeper whose career was cut short by isolation. Nevertheless, an FC average of 40+ is exceptional for a wicketkeeper.

Richard Hadlee - THE fast bowler. A champion of the corridor, a genius strategist able to extract swing anywhere at a sharp pace.. arguably the finest bowler ever. He was also good enough with the bat to do the double and score 2 test centuries.

Ray Lindwall - the killer! The finest fast bowler before the arrival of Trueman. He possessed express pace and sharp bounce owing to a biomechanically perfect action. Lindwall was another all conditions pacer and has 2 test centuries to his name.

Neil Adcock - the original white lightning. At a time when the memories of Lindwall and Tyson were still fresh, Cowdrey named him the fastest he had ever seen. He was hostile, ferocious and skillful but perhaps somewhat injury prone as is the case with 90mph bowlers.

Rajinder Goel - unfortunate to have had his career entirely coincide with that of the quartet. Goel managed to break just about every record in domestic cricket though.

4 elite batsmen and a mouthwatering pace trio.
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International Coach
CricZo XI

Bob Simpson / o
Vijay Merchant /
Rohan Kanhai /
Martin Crowe /
Archie Jackson /
Vinoo Mankad / o
Denis Lindsay + /
Richie Benaud o / (c)
Harold Larwood o /
Shane Bond o
Curtly Ambrose o

- 3 fiery fast bowlers who can intimidate any batting order with their accurate fast bowling
- One of the finest brains of cricket to lead the team
- Fine spinners like Mankad and Simpson to support one of the top Aussie leggie - Richie Benaud
- Excellent batting unit of Simpson, Merchant, Kanhai, Crowe, Jackson, Lindsay. Their numbers speaks for themselves.
- A strong lower order to put on at least 100-150 for last 3 wickets.


International Debutant
Weeman27bob XI

Chris Rogers
Glenn Turner
George Headley
Kumar Sangakkara +
Babar Azam
Damien Martyn
Imran Khan
Fanie de Villiers
Simon Jones
Sylvester Clarke
Sonny Ramadhin

- Battine lineup oozes classes with strokemakers from 2-6 in the order
- Bowling lineup has a good mixture of spin, express pace, conventional and reverse swing
- Sanga having the gloves isn't ideal
- Don't bat particularly deep

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I managed to recruit the most PEWSian team I've ever managed here, despite picking up distinctly unPEWSian cricketers in Brian Lara and Shane Warne. Cummins mid-career isn't usually a move I'd usually make either, although he does acknowledge my opinion that recent Australian pitches are very uniquely stupid roads.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Posting your eleven from your phone at a sailing club is definitely for plebs. I'll post it when I go home.