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Black Caps Squad


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No Foxcroft, so either they're thinking Rachin at 7 & 3rd spinner on a turning pitch, and Neesham on a more seam friendly one.

Shame Milne wasn't there instead of Southee, but that's predictable given Stead loves captain mediocre.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
The kit doesn't feel right. I've seen two photos which might not tell the whole story but my gut says some of the design elements are awkward and unbalanced.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing

I think the grey lines on the torso are too thin especially when compared to the sleeve band, and you can tell it's been designed flat as it really only looks good on Trent where it isn't wobbling. The typography is awkward as well imo, should be a heavier weight, or a shorter height.

Also it would been great if they put Aotearoa on there.

Edit: the top line and text should be shifted up a bit as it's sitting too low.

Edit 2: the bottom hem of the shirt should have a grey stripe to match the sleeves


Cricketer Of The Year
Yep, some good signs. Boult in really good form, Henry the same, everyone seemingly finding some form with the bat.

Still really interested in the balance of the side, whether Neesham plays at 7 and is our fifth bowler, if they play three seamers and two spinners which means Santner is 7, or what they're going to do. We can back Boult, Henry and Santner to do a job with the ball, but teams are going to target the other 2-3 - whether that's Sodhi and Southee, if it's Neesham, if Phillips and Mitchell share overs etc.

The way it looks with the cannon fodder nature of the 5th/6th bowler, I'd potentially go Conway Young Williamson (when fit) Mitchell Latham Phillips Chapman Santner Sodhi Henry Boult. And just hope we can scrape 10 overs out of Chapman/Phillips/Mitchell. Chapman turning it away from RHers and Phillips away from LHers gives some flexibility, and Mitchell can possibly do a job. I accept that's probably going to be messy at times, but much messier than Southee/Neesham? We need the firepower in death hitting.