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Ban Discussion

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International Coach
Look, one can't begin a thread and not state that this isn't related to the month bans of Gingerfurball & Benchmark00

Quite rightly when the shock news (I was asleep ftr) hit cricketweb.net/forum/offtopic/battleoftheguyswhopostlotsinsteadofbeingoutside.com the discussion was shut down, as it was so far beyond off topic it couldn't even catch a bus back to off topic. So what do you do.

Anyway, and understandably there isn't a ban discussion thread as it would surely turn into a bigger ****fight than can be described on a family friendly forum.

But to get to the point; without giving these guys a bigger head than is necessary, they are both top shelf posters, and along with a bunch of others a big reason why when I found this forum, I stayed. There is such a fantastic range of backgrounds, style, opinion on here but all have a deep interest in cricket.

But and of course there need to be rules and penalties, but really I feel that banning these two posters for a month really actually makes this place a little bit poorer for their absence. So much so that in my normal walking around time I thought about writing this down about it. Nobody wants to read a childish tit for tat sniping battle about crap, but a lot of the things these guys post I really want to read. I voted for them both, and out of 47 members they lesser recived 34 votes in the same round of who is the favourite poster. It made me think of secret ballots of the community to overturn bans or something! Something! Some way of fixing this problem. It's only two guys, and maybe they did it to themselves, fine, but is it the best outcome?

Lastly I do apologise if I have broken any rules, and bearing in mind this section is entitled "Ask Cricketweb" therefore I do ask you cricketweb, how can we have a forum with all these diverse characters and opinions to bounce ideas off for the benefit of all, and not turn away people who love discussing cricket over silly stuff we can all get over as adults?

ps :alucard: I just really like that smiley

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
This place is better than Neighbours, Home and Away, and Packed to the Rafters combined. I was thinking this in the BOM thread, but it ended up here. Nothing like a BOM to create interest and intrigue again :laugh:

You haven't been here long enough to know this uvelocity, but what you're supposed to do is throw a tantrum about the bans and then stomp on out of the place yourself. I'll let you off this time, but get your act together for the next time something similar happens!


Global Moderator
Simply put, this wasn't really even a discretionary ban (as much as possible, all "infractions" are a discretionary call to some extent), but because of the build up of a number of infractions, the system in place determines that a ban of that length is in order.

I'm not sure there's anything really to add, both posters contribute positively to the forums at times, but they have both posted stuff that has deserved infractions, and thus they find themselves away from the forum for a while.


Global Moderator
Not really sure much else needs to be said, thus I'll lock it before people start to decide who was more worthy of a ban than the other, which somehow I can see this going towards.


They were banned because they had too many infraction points, so the system gives them marching orders automatically. Everyone who gets an infraction is told about it, so they knew what would happen if they got another one.

I get on well with both off of the forum; most of the moderators get on well with them in fact. I also think both make some very good posts. The problem was neither were able to do what you describe. The feuding and other stuff was not welcome, and it was getting in the way of good posting. The BOTM thread in particular is a lot cleaner now both are having a break.

They'll be back, and hopefully they'll make acceptable posts again.

edit: ffffuuu vic:ph34r:
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