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Australia's Test Squad for England and West Indies


International Coach
I have it confirmed from my Jollimont sources that this squad will be the same squad for both tours and will be announced in the next two weeks

Many discussion points:

  • We've had some Ashes heart-break stories down the years (Jones in 1993, Haydos in 1997) I wonder who will be this year's?
  • Ahmed must be a strong chance
  • Pattinson surely?
  • Burns on a knife-edge
  • Wade or Neville?


International Coach
I think it will be a monster squad of at least 17

6 bats
2 allarounders (mitch and watto)
2 keepers
2 spinners
5 quicks


Global Moderator
Be interesting to see what they do with the spinner; don't think they'd want Lyon and Ahmed normally (batting at 10 & 11), but then with Johnson/Harris at 8-9 it might be doable.

Two spinners sets it up for Mitch Marsh because he's a better bowler than Watson now. It may even open up Faulkner to a spot.


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Yeah I was thinking surely the only way Ahmed doesn't get the gig is if they pick agar for his batting. Should pick Ahmed anyway

Nevill obv, but think they will pick Wade
Voges should be picked, Burns and Marsh reserve batsman probs
Don't think pattinson should be picked tbh
Favour aforementioned monster squad of 17/18

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
All the fast bowling options bar Haze (Johnson, Harris, Starc, Pattinson.. even Siddle to an extent) being decent bats will mean they pick Fawad IMO.


Hall of Fame Member
My extended squad of 22:

  1. Rogers
  2. Warner
  3. Burns
  4. Smith
  5. Clarke
  6. Marsh
  7. Voges
  8. Watson
  9. Marsh
  10. Maxwell
  11. Haddin
  12. Nevill
  13. Faulkner
  14. Johnson
  15. Harris
  16. Starc
  17. Hazlewood
  18. Siddle
  19. Bollinger
  20. Coulter-Nile
  21. Lyon
  22. Ahmed
2 batsman to be omitted. 2 bowlers to be omitted. From that, I'd be leaving Maxwell, Smarsh and Coulter-Nile behind, with Dougeh replacing Harris (since IIRC Harris is out of the WI tour). For the Ashes, send the worst performer out of Dougeh and Siddle home to make room for the returning Ryno.

Funky WI option: Rogers, Warner, Smith, Clarke, Voges, Maxwell, Haddin, Faulkner, Johnson, Hazlewood, Ahmed


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Serious point, what are the chances of them perhaps cutting the squad for England to 16 and letting a fringe player like Marsh or Maxwell play county cricket so they are there to be called up if needed?


State Captain
Need to have an eye to the future



will probably be playing their last ashes series.

Would this influence the selectors ?


U19 Debutant
Need to have an eye to the future



will probably be playing their last ashes series.

Would this influence the selectors ?
I don't see why it would. The next Ashes will be at home so having a slightly less experienced side isn't going to be as big of a problem compared to an away Ashes. There will also be quite a bit of cricket in between to bed down their replacements. Not to mention that a number of the fringe batsmen and bowlers still aren't really there yet anyway (Lynn and Maddinson probably need at least another good half of a shield season while Pattinson and Bird still have the same injury questions that have hampered their careers).

Anyway (and I posted this in the other thread) I'd be looking at something like the below for the WI Tour.

Watson\M Marsh
Starc/Pattinson (fitness)/Ahmed (second spinner)

Burns (Reserve bat)
Neville (Reserve Keeper)
Pattinson (Reserve Pace Bowler if fit) otherwise Siddle
Ahmed (Second spinner)
Watson\M Marsh (Reserve all rounder depending on who is picked as the primary A/R)

Probably harsh on Shaun Marsh but I've never been a fan and Voges form and experience can't really be ignored IMO. Could easily dump the reserve Pacer and All Rounder from the squad if you wanted to cut down on the number of passengers.


Hall of Fame Member
The panel is all different but there could be some ill-will by the board etc. i guess.
The other thing that could count in Voges' favour is his bowling -- he'd me more-than-handy on West Indies tracks, I reckon. Somewhere around the Marcus North or Simon Katich level of handiness on tracks that suit him. Admittedly we also have a TPC for that, but it might allow them to stick with a 3 quicks + Lyon balance.


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I suspect the squad for England will be:

1. Rogers
2. Warner
3. Watson
4. Clarke
5. Smith
6. S Marsh
7. Haddin
8. Johnson
9. Harris
10. Lyon
11. Hazlewood

12. Burns
13. M Marsh
14. Nevill/Wade
15. Ahmed
16. Starc
17. Siddle

Not necessarily what I'd pick, but meh.


The normal awards that everyone else has
Harris/Pattinson (fitness etc)

Harris/Pattinson (Siddle if not)

Think Watson will tour because he can be a back up opener and his bowling with be good in WIs and Eng.


International Captain
It's probably something I shouldn't admit, but I'm actually starting to kinda like Watto.