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Australian Domestic Offseason 2011


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Having been a disaster with India, having failed in South Australia...everyone knew how toxic the bloke was.

Knowing this, the people in CA who hired the man should themselves be under the gun.

Likewise, the people in CA who reappoiinted Timmy Nielsen for another three years (before last Summer's Ashes) should themselves be under the gun.

WHere's the only place where these two incompetents can get a job? You guessed it, with Cricket Australia.
If memory serves there was never ever any interviews for the batting coach, Langer just got given it straight up

(cause he's a good bloke)


International Coach
If memory serves there was never ever any interviews for the batting coach, Langer just got given it straight up

(cause he's a good bloke)
And now Langer, following our stellar batting over the last two years, has been promoted to assistant coach.


International Coach
Chappell and Hilditch -> sacked is what I'm hearing.

That's a start, however for mine unless some of the Board members who have presided over our fall and made some shocking decisions...

(reappointed Nielsen last year, their obsession with marketing, making Hussey and Bollinger play Champions league instead of prepare for a Test against India, keeping Hilditch on for so long, no fulltime fielding coach, obsession with Big Bash instead of pumping resources into the longer form of the game which is the area we are struggling)

...unless they go, then the same people who presided over our fall, are left in the chair to chart the way forward. And certainly if the rest of the Board is anything like our newest and most recently departed Board member, Matthew Hayden, then we're all officially ****ed. :ph34r: I really think, in that passage I quoted above, he gave a scary insight into the calibre of people on the Board, and perhaps their train of thought.
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International Captain
Apparently the Hilditch (nee Argus) Review has concluded that Hilditch is to be appointed the new chairman of the review panel. Happy days.


International Coach
Five year deal with a two year option in his favour is what I'm hearing.

And the sole panel member.


International Vice-Captain
They just interviewed some dude, he said the contracts will be reduced immediately, from 25 down to possibly 15. Maybe separate contracts for the different forms, all reports and gossip say Chappell and Hilditch are gone, Rod Marsh tipped to be the head guy, but that may or may not be announced today. 18 mins to go......