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Atul Sharma

Whats going on?

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State Vice-Captain
So it's looking increasingly likely that all this hoo-hah was over nothing then? No Atul Sharma, or at least not this season.


U19 Cricketer
Tbh, does Munaf really deserve to stay in the team? He offers nothing in the field, he cannot bat and refuses to bend his back and put in some effort when bowling. He is capable of bowling 135-140kph, heck he did it in New Zealand a month back and yet he will bowl 120-132kph here off a jog to the wicket and yet still can't keep his foot behind the line or the ball in a respectable area. It annoys me because he has so much talent to bowl quickly and yet sacrifices it in limited overs cricket in favour of a good length which anyone knows is cannon fodder in the modern game. [/RANT]
He is bowling at the same pace,The problem is with set max speed gun in capetown,while
in durban they have a more accurate speed gun,Munaf is more suited for test cricket


Hall of Fame Member
But then again this appeared The Official Website of the Indian Premier League - Player Profile meaning it sort of looks official. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the guy was real after all?
A link to a website that lists he is born in 1971 and has no batting or bowling style is hardly official. Especially when the comment is 'touted as pacy'. Basically noone has seen him bowl in the flesh.

That link doesnt make anything look official.

For proving him as real, how about he plays some cricket?

I hope he can wang it down as has been claimed but I think this has been pretty poorly managed from a PR perspective.
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U19 Vice-Captain
I smell bull****.

Good wine needs no bush.

I'd like to see him though, just to see how crap he is in reality.


International Coach
Until you either post a video, a credible source like Cricinfo recognises him or we see him on TV live, you'll have a hard time convincing most people of his authenticity.


Virat Kohli (c)
Hahah, real or not, overrated or not... you have to admit that you're all getting sucked in.

I find this funny, and hope its real cos it'd be even more hilarious than if it was a hoax.


Hall of Fame Member
Agreed..Cricinfo hasn't got a single detail about Atul correct yet.
Bit hard for them to get things correct when he's hidden away like the cricketing version of a redheaded stepchild.

As far as PR exercises go, it's a resounding failure.


International Debutant
we have already established that was a mistake.. It shud have been Naman Ojha as the keeper.

Can't believe I had to repeat that again. Goughy had mentioned it earlier in the thread, I think...
What kind of ****** reads through 20 pages of crap to make sure they arent repeating someone else?


International Captain
So this guy isn't real :unsure:

If he could bowl as fast as some people claim, I'm sure we would of heard more about him. Like actual footage of him bowling, maybe a few First-Class games.


State Vice-Captain
lol he bears a srtiking resemblance to the incredible hulk. Looks very vulnerable to injury. Also it worth noting that pace isn't everything, look how Flintoff got pwned int the IPL this year, you need variation. He doesn't look like he'll swing the ball too much either.