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Asif, Aktar in Doping Charges


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
This is the last thing that Pakistan Cricket need right at the moment. I hope there is no solid proof that Akhtar and Asif have taken drugs that are illegal under cricket's laws because Asif has his whole career ahead of him and Akhtar is a great player who could do without this sort of publicity.


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If this is true (and that of course remains to be seen) the real test is for the PCB. Do they submit the internal test to the governing body and the players then take the ramifications, or do they handle it "in-house"? If the latter, what penalties do they impose?

Real issues re. transparency coming up here.


International Regular
What a surreal couple of months this has been. All we need now is for all of our players to be implicated in the match fixing. Then I suppose we could start anew with a whole new crop of players with untarnished records.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Dire straights for the Pakistani's if there is any truth behind it. For crickets sake, and pakistan's sake i hope there's not, crickets image has copped enough of a bashing in the last 2/3 months.


International Coach
This is so ridiculous. Why can't Pakistan go more than one month without making a mess of things?
I was so excited about the prospect of seeing Akhtar and Asif opening the bowling for Pakistan. :dry:


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Was pretty shocked when I read it. Will be interesting to see what happens.


Hall of Fame Member
Tragedy for world cricket if B sample confirms it.

Until such time, no-one should jump to any conclusions

Great Birtannia

U19 Captain
Interesting that the newpaper piece states "performance enhancing" while cricinfo just mentions "banned substance".

I don't particularly care if they like a bit of green in their time off.


International Coach
Maybe a subtle hint from Malcolm Speed about cricket being a sport where there's more trouble with people taking drugs to get back from injury quicker i.e. both of them have been off long-term?

Anyway, all conjecture and no foundation yet.

As social says, got to wait for the B samples to come through. A shocker no matter what happens from here.


International Debutant
heard about this earlier in the day and thought it was just a joke but looks like they really have been called back.

Sad news for cricket fans.. lets just hope nothing comes out in the 2nd sample, it would be a shame if both these good bowlers took drugs.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
From the Beeb

But chief executive Malcolm Speed said it would be the PCB who would deal with the matter as they had carried out the testing before the tournament began.”

Very interesting comment, does that imply that if they do fail a B sample the PCB will make the decision regarding punishment I.e. ban et cetera?

Shocking news however, switched on Sky Sports News this morning seeing Shoaib leading the bulletin, just thought he was injured again. The guy’s box office and with Asif the tournament has just lost two major talents.

By the way it’s been bloody murder trying to log in this morning.
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Will be interesting to see what the B sample reveals. :wacko:

Any truth in the rumour that Darrell Hair was seen near their water bottles? :ph34r:

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Well they have supposedly tested positive for nandrolone so there is a possibility that they could have produced it naturally. Don’t won’t speak to soon but that’s quite unlikely considering the injures both players had and in Shoaib’s case nandrolone could be rather helpful with his knees. Also doesn’t he suffer from osteoporosis or another bone disease which nandrolone is effective in treating?