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Asif, Aktar in Doping Charges


Global Moderator
The episode of South Park where Mark mcGwire, Barry Bonds and Gwibhlir presented awards at the Special Olympics would have been hilarious, if that part hadn't been so true.


World Traveller
silentstriker said:
I felt Warne should have been banned for two years. Ditto with Asif + Akhtar. If they are found guilty, thats what it should be.

Asif is very young so his career will be fine, but this might very well be the end for Akhtar.
On the other hand Asif's reputation will be tarnished and would any County employers in the future be keen on hiring him if the label 'drug cheat' are next to his name and I don't think sponsors would be to keen either.

For me this is such a big topic to me and one of great importance and I think there has been an overreaction by some. I know it is hard for the Pakistani cricket fans to take losing twokey players but to call it as your own 9/11 in sporting terms is frankly OTT as I would have thought the whole match fixing scandal 6 years ago was even worse as it was a case of 'well who should we believe?' when you see somebody like Hansie Cronje involved. And even more so for Pakistan with a player of Salim Malik's calibre.

And as for Asif's and Akhtar's claims of innocence, I don't buy that either. Sorry but even if you have injury problems it is the onus of the athlete to grill the doctor/specialist on what is in the treatment they are recieving. They should carry around this sort of information with them as it is very important.


World Traveller
archie mac said:
I think **** Pound is American or Canadian, maybe he should look into Baseball where they are legally allowed to take a number of drugs which are banned by just about every other sport in the World.

Still not arguing I think Mr Warne should have copped two years, but don't think it is as bad as testing positive for drugs. Not sure but I imagine the Aussie team is tested more than just about any other team in World sport
Pound is Canadian.


World Traveller
social said:
In the interests of fairness, IF (and it's a big "if" at this stage) they are guilty, then it should be the same suspension as Warne.

Surely missing the Champions Trophy AND the World Cup And being subject to public humiliation is more than punishment enough.

IMO, we shouldnt potentially end someone's career over a first offence
Why not? It is their own fault for getting themselves in this situation.

It is not as though it being suggested life bans from FC cricket and also serve a two year ban where after that they can only play club cricket and never make a dollar again is there?


International Coach
Hoping for miracle that the two escape unscratched, I know that if they have done something wrong then they should get punished but there is a soft spot since they are Asif and Shoaib if it would have been someone like Rana and Sami then I would not have cared.