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Activity Check Sign in thread


Cricketer Of The Year
Brilliant! First ever activity check occurs while I'm on holiday. Well I suppose I'm inactive, but I would like to be made active again...

Basically I was away from Saturday the 20th to Sunday the 28th. When I got home our computer had packed in so we don't have that anymore. Using my sister's laptop to type this. I've ordered a new laptop from Dell which I'll use for uni and the net etc. which arrives Monday.

So I'm just saying I'm still around!
lol, cause im so nice, ill also let you back in with no penalty...

Will place both u and James malthus in your squads tonight...


Cricketer Of The Year
damn am i too late for this, i've just moved house and only had my internet back for a few days!
na mate, u can be re-activated at any time... Usually you would lose Skill points due being deemed inactive and then returning..

However in this case, because we are trying to increase the skill level at the Southern Stallions i won't penalise you...

I will re-activate you for Round 16...