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Activity Check Sign in thread


Cricketer Of The Year
Ok, the time has come to do an activity check...

All players MUST check in here within the next 48 hours or be deemed INACTIVE!!!

Any player deemed inactive will be replaced by a re-gen player in their squad and will go into a pool.. If that player re-activates at any time they will be penalised with a loss of skill...

When you check in please post your Sim name as well as your club as follows:

Sim Name: Brendon Goff
Club: East Coast Fury


Dan Smith
Central United

And sheesh, this is ridiculous. What if, say, Sriram is not online for a few days? He gets replaced. Players who've been inactive for a decent amount of time prior to this should only be considered, IMO.
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Global Moderator
Haha, so some guy who's been active over the past three months, but is away for a week, can be deemed inactive?

Jack McNamara
Southern Stallions


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Kingsley Clapham
East Coast Fury

Harsh on those who are usually active yet may be away this week tbh Blewy. No chance on increasing it to say 3 or 4 days?


IMO, it should be done ala CW Cricket. The board should run constant checks of activity and those who haven't been active for, say, a month get 48 hours to post or they become inactive.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Andy Cameron
Western Dynamo

But yeah, it is a bit ridiculous having only 48 hours. As people have said, not everyone can make it to the internet every 48 hours, but they may come on once a week or so. Is there any real need to clean out the inactive players as it is?


Cricketer Of The Year
Stephen Burke
Central United

Echo everyone else's sentiments. People have lives and there is a long weekend coming up in Australia iirc.


Hall of Fame Member
Sean Fuller
Island Swell

Along with everyone else, I think this is a silly idea. Fine to have activity checks, but someone should be able to go away for a couple of days without being booted, especially when games are every 3 or so days. Someone could easily check this forum around the time of each game and be declared inactive along the way.