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9th June - Group A - New Zealand v Bangladesh

Who will win this match?

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International Captain
I just cannot fathom how an earth you have a side 34/4, IN CONDITIONS YOU HAVE AN ADVANTAGE IN, and then contrive to let this mess happen? As impressive as it is by BD, this is one hell of a **** up by the kiwis tbh. Will questions have to be asked about Hesson now after this impending humiliation?
Just as what Afghans did to you few hours later.

I'd call four upsets in a row by four Asian sides.


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Super win by Bangladesh, in terms of the bowling NZ didn't do a lot wrong. Must admit I didn't think Shakib had a big pressure chasing knock like this in him but he was really good. Mahmadullah the real star and heart of it all, though. Wow.


Cricketer Of The Year
It's not humiliating to be beaten by the 7th ranked side in the world. Now, if it were the 9th ranked one, then maybe.
Wrong thread mate. Sri Lanka didn't win yesterday.

It is when NZ had them 34/4 and then let the next two batsmen put up a 200 plus partnership in conditions they aren't even used to :ph34r:
Lol there's no such thing as 'let them'. No one let's anyone do anything in sports. You try your best, and the other team tries their best, and the better team wins.

straw man

International Coach
This match was like where a teacher has been handing out bits of homework here and there for weeks, and then it's approaching the due date so for all the laggards in the class who haven't been paying attention, gives out a checklist that makes crystal clear every single thing that needs to be worked on.

ie. if you want to see where NZ's ODI (and T20) cricket is going wrong, just re-watch this match, it's got all the bases covered,