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11th June - Group B - India v South Africa

Who will win this match?

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Hall of Fame Member
Yeah this is a really good deck. Shambles of a batting performance, started far too slow and then committed sudoku mid way through innings.
Rofl sudoku

also, is rilee rossow injured or what? So much better than this scrubby middle order


Cricketer Of The Year
Wow they are showing the highlights from early innings and even QDK and Amla ran terribly.


U19 Captain
Manjreker basically saying Amla and De Kock didn't try cos they were too busy thinking of scoring tons.

Sensational insight from a complete moron.


International Coach
They talking on SS about SA not playing with freedom... which is partly the history of the choke. But I also think it is ABdV demanding perfection to win and not giving the players space to just play, win or lose. His captaincy style does not help SA. This tournament has pretty much gone like I expected if not a little worse.


Cricketer Of The Year
Clueless batting by the South Africans. Two chaotic run-outs. One wasteful sweep. Too many dot balls and too few singles on a flat deck where this bowling attack is expected to struggle.


International Coach
Morris' shot is going under the radar for how bad it was given the situation. Have to try and build a partnership there to take game deep and you do that with a weak lower order to come.


Whatever it takes!!!
AB was run out in the WC as well.

How gun a keeper is Dhoni, fast as ****.
Yeah the taking the ball with no give is really his patent. It caused the run out, for as gun as the throw was and as suicidal as the single was, AB is still so fast that he would have made it with the dive had there been any give when MS was taking the ball. Guy is an icon in so many senses.

That's huge. He was looking awesome out there.

Yeah.. Get the feelling that folks like AB and Kohli and some of others run so fast that they tend to think any single is possible. Its one of the great myths of the game that fast runner = good runner in cricket. Running between the wickets is so much more than just quick running. David Boon, Ranatunga, even Old Man Border were excellent runners contrary to how they may look.

Border's name included ONLY to spite Burgey. :p

Yeah... gonna become one of those images that will be repeated ad nauseum here at CW I feel. The next Sreesanth bouncer to Kallis. :laugh:

I've seen the still but I'm not convinced. Kohli fumbled and sent in a fairly average throw, how did those 2 end up at the same end?

Kohli was not the fielder, it was Bumrah and it was not average in that it went to the right end, which people so easily mess up in such situations.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Morris' shot is going under the radar for how bad it was given the situation. Have to try and build a partnership there to take game deep and you do that with a weak lower order to come.
Think having 3 run outs will always take precedent over a poor shot by a slogger from down the order. Wasn't great but by no means the worst dismissal of the day. Shows how inept they were.