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  • Wouldn't want to betray a confidence :p You should sign up there and join in on the orgy.
    You aren't on cricsim, you don't know the half of it. It was only the tip of the iceberg (re: Daemon) :p
    I thought I'd ask you specifically as you were particularly keen on it at the time IIRC.. I have time to do the Forumer World Cup now and the OD sim I was creating actually, you know, works properly now. If I actually ran it now would you still be interested?
    I'm actually in the Civil Defence now, firefighting and stuff. It's not too bad atm, but it's going to get a lot toughter in the coming weeks. Gotta wear this 15kg bunker gear and run up buildings and **** to look for casualties (90kg dummy) and bring them to safety. I'm so ****ed for that :(
    :) thanks mate.. been a busy time with switching to a new role at work and stuff. Learning to live on my own.. cooking.. driving.. the works. Plus India sucking so bad in Oz. Just not into the game at this point, although England losing this bad might just save me.. ;)
    Lol, didn't realise that I posted on my own wall.

    My brother did a Maths and Business degree, so I guess yours would be a little similar.
    And please, I read you're doing accounting? Don't be telling anyone else to get a life then.
    Poor Turb. I've been out at the cricket actually. We play it here.

    Back to RedTube for you champ.
    My new year resolution is to get a job this year (hopefully) and also to get into shape (have started going to the gym).
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