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  • It's Bun/Gashist, another one of his sockpuppet multis. His little flare up stemmed from my comments in the bowling thread this morning, an amusing read, if you haven't already seen it.
    Yes, not one of the most eloquent messages I've ever received, I think it's safe to say.

    ***ual frustration is a terrible thing.
    haha.....yeah i wrote to jono it was a great idea but if it had been floated earlier I would have squeezed him at number 24 or so and it would have seemed as if people have actually voted for him lol
    Too bad about Toronto. Prolly my favorite Canadian team, just because I got to stop by so often on the way to visiting a pal in Kingston. (well, along with Montreal perhaps)

    Can't let the Nucks win, but I don't really think Detroit will go the whole way this year.
    Yeah ive never done it myself but it's easy enough to do. Time it for some cricket in England surely?

    Thanks for asking. Job is going great and I am enjoying it, but there is a lot of technical training involved. How about you, how's everything.
    Hey dude. I'm good. Probably a bit quieter on here these days, to the relief of everyone, myself included! How are things with you?

    Have a feeling it will be a better series than our showings this winter suggest - hopefully (for me) our batsmen learnt more from the victory over Sri Lanka than they did from the defeats...we'll see though!

    How are things with you?
    Probably my two most hated teams are the Bruins and the Rangers, and one of those two are looking the most likely to be our opponents if we make the big dance, so can't wait.
    You mate are a leg, Pele not so much. :p

    Yeah, we don't really celebrate Birthdays in my family. It's nothing religious or anything, it's just how we are as a family. We get stuff throughout the year and so don't really need to go all out. My mum made nice food, had a cake, got money and that's about it.
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