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  • Mr. Smudge. Sorry mate just stumbled on your post in the Ind in NZ thread (was back in there to find a URL for a pic lol). I was in Dunedin for a while but like I told our mate Hendrix, didn't have much time to hang out with others as was under the GF's thumb (since she let me go solo to Wellington for the cricket). Otherwise would have been awesome to catch up for a beer or two.

    Also didn't know you even lived in Dunedin?

    Let me know if you're ever in Sydney or Melbourne!

    Cheers mate.
    Ah very good, small world.

    Good man he is, we're still in regular contact fortnightly since my redundancy. He spends most of his time now on Green and Gold Rugby. Posts a bit less though sinc ehe started at reds 2 odd years ago.
    Good to hear :) All ok here thanks, still in Sydney working away with most of my spare time for CW. Things don't change much!
    Welcome back to the forums - been a while since I've seen you around the place :)
    Down in Chch this weekend myself, actually. But yeah, probably best to wait until you're back from Invers. How's the TAB these days?
    Pretty quiet this weekend after a hectic couple of weeks. Would definitely be good to catch up for a brew or two.
    Hey mate. Thanks for the loan of the Bert Sutcliffe bio. A great read, and much better than many NZ cricket biographies I've read.
    Yeah I've been here about 3 months now- I'm having a good time. Like you said its not the most interesting place but its a perfectly decent place to live. I've been shelf-stacking at Pak n Save but when the course starts (in two weeks, as you said) I'll be quitting that. Starting to learn shorthand at the moment. Cricket's not gone so well. Partly form, partly the grade being too high for me. We've got some good players in the senior team though, and I've made lots of mates through Star so that side of things is good. I did a piece in the Herald a couple of months ago- the Meads Cup semi up in Ashburton.
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