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Recent content by Smudge

  1. Smudge

    Question on ban announcements

    Give him 7!
  2. Smudge

    Cricket's oldest film

    Gives new meaning to the phrase "nude offies".
  3. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    I s If they left out an unbeaten Baker/Forsman 3YO, then they deserved to lose. (I think they'd gone by then). But seriously, cop on to NZ 3YO form, you ****. It's the only NZ form that matters.
  4. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    I put one entry into the losing TAB tickets draw under the name "The Minute Piece" but it didn't get drawn, unfortunately.
  5. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    I'm at a central Wellington pub right now and at the leaner 5m away from me, we have a number of minor celebs such as CDG, BJ Watling and Tim Seifert. Quite refreshing to see them on the pints and having a crack at bets on Rosehill, Caulfield and Ellerslie.
  6. Smudge

    suggest more react emojis for the like button

    No surprise that I'm suggesting :naughty:
  7. Smudge

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    And, has been pointed out on Twitter, North Otago now holds the main trophy in both Meads Cup (Heartland rugby) and minor association cricket. Impressive for a region with six rugby clubs and six cricket clubs.
  8. Smudge

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    Nathan Smith and Llew Johnson join their home region of North Otago to claim the Hawke Cup with an outright win. https://scoring.nzc.nz/#mfe8d761e-0f97-4115-a195-18fd40c95a73
  9. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    By the way, I've spotted on LinkedIn that Mark Craig has taken a job with Lion as a sales exec, so I suspect that's pretty much the end of any serious crack at the pro cricket thing.
  10. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Possibly the second innings of that game, with Evan Marshall having dismissed Lara in the first innings and Rigor pulling out the "Let's go, Zoe" comment when Marshall was bowling to Lara again. I've probably got some details wrong but hey ho.
  11. Smudge

    bruce taylor dies aged 77

    I work with someone who knows/knew him very well. Quite a sad tale over the 30 years or so.
  12. Smudge

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    I'm sure he'll be treated through the private system - no doubt NZCPA will have them paying the appropriate health insurance premiums.
  13. Smudge

    Weird things that you have done when in good touch

    You do realise Dickie Bird was his name and not an invitation?
  14. Smudge

    The most weird posts on CricketWeb?

    That's a swell outcome.
  15. Smudge

    Weird things that you have done when in good touch

    When I play backyard cricket, you cannot throw stuff at other people. It will result in two runs. These "things" incldue little gumnuts off tree, grass, shoes (yes, shoes) and other things. the rule was brought in at the arrival of the shoe, as it happened I got out, after Sanka threw a shoe at...