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Prince EWS
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  • It seems Northern England is ahead of the curve when it comes to culinary delights
    They don't do pizza but otherwise yeah you're right. Fairly common round these parts though.

    What's the stance down under on chips and gravy? The folk of southern England seem to think its the weirdest thing ever
    It's pretty good, Chinese, kebabs and standard English takeaway. I don't eat seafood like but the idea of a burger appeals to me.
    It's Friday night and I'm on a Virgin Train which can only mean one thing - ASK CRIBBAGE!!

    Thinking chippy tonight, what should I get?
    Ok, wasnt aware of that rule, tbh. My fault.
    Im no longer using a proxy now, though, so does that mean i can start posting without getting in any trouble
    Hey, i was perma-banned a week or so ago apparently because i had multiple accounts... i assure you my old account was the only one i had at the time... had to register again just now. Dunno what happened here, please clarify
    So someone insults another poster but that's ok because the mods never told them not to do it? that seems to be what you implied on your last post in my "double standards" thread prince and it just doesn't add up to me.

    The double standard is i get punished for a minor issue while others blatantly insult me and get away with it, that's what i was talking about and i think i had every right to make my feelings known.
    99.9% sure you already know this, but just double checking, obviously my Burgey comment in that WW thread was a joke.
    Will slip you a tenner to accidentally boost all my players in CWPL

    Will even do it electronically rather than via draft
    Prince, this could be an enormous ask, but would there be any chance you could send me a standardised runs chart without the longevity factor for all batsmen who average/d over 30, if it's not too much effort? If you could do the same with bowlers that averaged under 40, it would be amazing and I'd really appreciate it.
    Will take Narine once morgie's picked, if you happen to be on before I wake up.
    Also a preferred method of payment by some car dealers

    This is the end of your information session with GIMH but if you have any questions call me on 0898 50 50 50
    Common payment method for Universities tbh especially when dealing with overseas students
    Think I'll order from the same place as you, think th delivery cost will be high?
    Thinking about getting a pizza when I get home, what toppings should I get?
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