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Recent content by Poker Boy

  1. P

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka

    I've got one wish -selectors - DON'T PICK HARMISON! His bowling in the first match was crap before he got injured - and my worry is they treat Harmison like "if he's fit enough he's good enough". I can't remember the last time he was dropped for reasons of form, rather than fitness. I reckon...
  2. P

    Domestic cricket revamp.

    Funny thing is, if NZ teams play in Aussie domestic cricket it wouldn't be the first time -the NZ national team played in the Australian domestic OD competition until 1975 - winning it three times - so if they managed then they could manage it now if they wanted to....
  3. P

    Boyc wants 4-day tests

    Just cannot believe this idea comes from G Boycott. He'd have HATED it when he was playing. He'd have wanted TEN day Tests then!:laugh: Don't think four day tests would increase crowds - and I'm sure S Waugh suggested that in 2000 (might be my memory playing up). I don't mind trying day-night...
  4. P

    The Next Battle?

    Thanks to the Wisden Crickter for the idea (and if you've already done it I apologise) how about the worst Number 11 in Test cricket?. Tuffers, Malcolm. Mullally, Walsh, Morrison, Chris Martin, Chandra, Lance Gibbs, McGrath...plenty of poor batsmen to chose from..
  5. P

    Greatest ever One Day Innings

    I didn't know that we missed the "pleasure" of seeing Sunil's innings - but the Australia match was v Pakistan, not WI. One point - it was only India's third ODI, so it might be the case that Sunil thought that a draw was possible. Not the last time India did this either - in this ODI -...
  6. P

    Worst Umpiring Decisions - Cricinfo article

    Ken Palmer (it is in the Wisden report of that Test). As for bad decisions, I remember one Flintoff got on England's last tour of NZ that was so bad even the bowler (Andre Adams)was embarrsed.
  7. P

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka

    Don't agree. Flintoff has done nothing in Tests since India 2006 (especiakly his batting) and we did win the ODI series without him. As for SL. any team in the world would miss him, but SL's batsmen did not get enough runs in the games they lost (especially the 3rd and the 4th). A thought on the...
  8. P

    Australia's spinner for India vs Aus?

    Probably MaGill by default (although I don't think Sachin and co will have sleepless nights). The facsinating thing is that Mark Taylor (I think) once said when he was captain Australia would always play a spinner (easy to say when you had Warne). IMO if Magil's bowling has not improved by the...
  9. P

    Most ‘farcical’ finish to a cricket match

    Surprised this one hasn't been mentioed yet - the 1981 Australia-NZ ODI when Trevor Chappell bowled the last ball underarm.(on his brother's orders of course)? Or on a similar vein, the 1979 B&H cup match when Somerset declared after 1 over?
  10. P

    Average age of test cricketers increasing?

    I don't think you'll see a lot of 40+ Test cricketers in the future because of the increased programme and the demands of fielding. One cannot imagaine England opening with a 45 year old and a 39 year old again never mind someone like Ironmonger playing for Australia now. It's fielding that...
  11. P

    John Wright ODI record?

    Or was he a revoultionary? Mark Greatbatch did something similar in 1992, but because most of the attention in that WC was on the games played in Australia (NZ was a comparative backwater) he went unnoticed...
  12. P

    What is up with selectors?

    I call it "Aussie phobia". SL were probably scared Malinga would go round the park v Australia but even if he had you have experienced pros like Vas and Murali to do economy. This "Aussie phobia" shows up in many ways - by putting Australia in at Brisbane (Bribane was a "bowl first" pitch - in...
  13. P

    Cricket, a whole new ball game?

    What they are trying to do, obviously, is produce a ball that can be sen clearly on TV but can last 50 overs (unlike the white ball). I say give it a chance - wether it would work better than the orange balls that were used for the never to be remembered Refuge Asurandce Cup remains to be seen...
  14. P

    Why did Barry Richards never play for England?

    SA end quotas and van Jaarsveld gives up his Kolpak status - both in the same week. Coincidence? Not IMO....
  15. P

    Why did Barry Richards never play for England?

    Tony Greig had a Scottish father (which counts as British for this purpose) and Lamb's parents were from London (I checked it in Wisden). Lamb did not play in England until 1977 and not in CC till 1978 but was eligable for England from 1982. (when he nade his debut)