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  • Your love is monumentally misplaced, and not appreciated in this instance. What you do with the post is a matter for you mate.
    Sup mate, I was contemplating starting an International modern Rugby draft (players playing Test rugby post the year 2000), but wasn't sure if I could drum up enough Rugby fans on this site. Let me know if you're keen and if I get enough interest, I'll look to start it once this current 6 nations draft is complete. Cheers.
    You're one sad sorry person, so insecure and filed with so much false rage because you don't like assertive people who disregard your points. That's on you, not me. You're blocked.
    Haha I just clicked onto your wall and you replied to my last message on here

    We are clearly ****ed at having vm conversations
    I guess it depends where the kid got that term from. if he was repeating it it may have come from a racist place, and I'm sure it probably would have (I remember repeating phrases and terms my family said despite having no real concept of what it was or meant).

    But it could've been because he was different. See gingers and carrot top etc.
    I just discovered that the other week I replied to you via my own wall

    so this is a bit late but here goes...

    Nah it all makes sense

    I guess there's a specific example i can bring to the table. Where I live is predominantly white but even moreso back when I was in school. So in my primary school there was one black lad. And he was the school bully, which is probably important to consider. But I distinctly remember a classmate, aged maybe 5 or 6 saying 'shut up chocolate face'

    Was he being racist? Or just calling him on what he'd noticed as being different? I guess that's the question. Times are different now and kids are educated more, both by society and certainly from my own experience as a parent, as to why some people 'look' different etc and how we shouldn't discriminate. It was a good while later until I realised he had done something wrong, per se.
    Hey mate, I've no desire to discuss racism in OT because well let's be honest, you know why

    Anyway. Do you really think kids can't naturally be racist? I would be inclined to think the opposite on first thought, but I've not thought about it in detail.
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