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  • n00fers, can I request Meg Lanning as my R10 pick, and Rikki Clarke for my R11 email pick? I won't be home to make my pick after HB makes his.

    Gives me an XI of: 1. S Afridi, 2. B McCullum, 3. M Lanning, 4. I Chappell, 5. M Clarke, 6. I Botham, 7. A Gilchrist, 8. M Procter, 9. R Clarke, 10. S Warne, 11. R Gilchrist
    Probably can't go wrong with Scotland the Brave either. It's a pretty upbeat tune.
    Scottish family?

    I've always loved Highland Cathedral but I'm not sure if it counts as wedding music.
    N00fers, looks like a wash out on any of my peeps. Are you 100% that you're not feeling a bit under the weather?

    If you're a def no sho I'll cancel the ticket and refund you what ever Ticketek send me. Let me know.
    Yeah, but Siddle and l00000ders both missing out must be cutting pretty deep.
    Ok mate, I'll call a couple of my peeps and see it they want your ticket if you like?
    You already have Waqar Younis and 12 mn in the bank. That's a good position to be in IMO. There are too many players to go. Only 7 are done among 120! You need 10 from 113 now. Even if you completely miss 50 of them due to not being online at all, ending with a good and balanced XI should be a cakewalk I think. Even if you come online once every 2 days and put some bids here n there, you can end up with a really good team. That's how I've designed this game. This game will be a complete flop if I don't get a substitute for bagapath. Don't say no!
    Come on NUFAN. Even if you log in once every 2 days, it should be fine. Some of the other drafters aren't too frequent either. And I'm always declaring players for the next 2 days.
    Wanna play ODI Auction Draft? I've changed the rules, so that now it'll end in 1.5 months (9 hours per round, but people can bid on declared players for future rounds). This is similar to your suggestion of multiple players per round.
    I'll set up the draft for the weekend. After that, when the season starts, each day you pick your players and they score for you. You can set your roster in advance if you don't want to do it each day.
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