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  • Hey,
    Maxum may or may not be playing Davis Cup for Week 10. If he is, he withdraws from Cherbourg. If that's the case are you happy to just play singles or to team up with somebody else?
    Hey mate, you interested in replacing Blewy in the RL draft thread? He's two picks behind if your keen, just post in that thread and the players you want to get you back to even and thats it.
    Hey mate, TBH i haven't had a chance to check it out, Happy to play wherever the Lob sees fit, considering withdrawing from singles altogether just to focus on the doubles...need a wingman to get anywhere these days.

    EDIT: Howz about Marseille in Week 8 and Copenhagen in Week 9..Then I'll rest week 10...thats 3 busy weeks for me.
    Unfortunately I really don't have the time to be going through every Test innings played and noting down let-offs. I'm interested enough to do it for batsmen who've obviously had lots of luck, but I don't have the time to look at everything and anything. It'd be possible to do in hindsight though.
    You're right it'd be damn superb to do it for everyone if it was do-able. But you'd basically need to be an heir to do it... if I were to win the lottery in 2015, you can bet I'd be doing it retrospectively.
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