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Recent content by mightymariner

  1. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Leics finish with with the most points since 2010, Bres being amazing, what a great day.
  2. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    This happens to almost every player that leaves us haha, though we've actually improved so he wouldn't even make it back into our team.
  3. mightymariner

    Olympics - does anyone actually care anymore?

    What a great game, thought the Aussies had it at the end.
  4. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Chelmsford? Hopefully next year there'll be a bit more coverage than a couple of radio commentaries.
  5. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    North v South one-day series: teams to be picked using computer programme - BBC Sport Title basically clickbait unfort :( The premise is kinda interesting, shame it'll just be another selection game.
  6. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Well I never. Still a great idea, despite the filter's aversion to it.
  7. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    This Glamorgan live ********* is quite nice, never thought I'd actually see us win
  8. mightymariner

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Still wondering why the **** Wayne White is back playing today, at least Notts are in a bit of a poor position atm.
  9. mightymariner

    The song in your avatar, best thing ever.

    The song in your avatar, best thing ever.
  10. mightymariner

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2015

    This has been going on for years with us. Whenever someone starts to look good, Nottinghamshire sign them up for their 3rd XI. Just stupid because half the time they don't even play, Smith even came back on loan as he wasn't playing at all.
  11. mightymariner

    **Official** Pakistan and England in the UAE 2015/16

    Moeen wants to open, oh dear BBC Sport - England: Moeen Ali would welcome chance to open batting
  12. mightymariner

    19th thread: Ashes LMS

    Yes No
  13. mightymariner

    Ashes Trivia

    Looked it up, and it appears that Broad is tied on 19 balls with someone else
  14. mightymariner

    My ten random cricketers

    Random you say Wayne White Jeremy Snape Geoff Boycott Tim Bresnan Azhar Ali Aggers Tuffers Blowers Jalaj Saxena Piyush Chawla
  15. mightymariner

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2015

    Not the only mess for them it seems: Lancashire county cricketers in disturbance in Kent bar - BBC News