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Magrat Garlick

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  • Hey mate, thats disappointing you feel that way about continuing playing CWXI. Obviously you are a walk up start to the national team and your input there would be invaluable if you change your mind.
    CWFL would like to offer you $2000 to fight Pierre Rose (with a $2000 win bonus) in a Welterweight contest at CWFL 1- The Beginning.

    Please confirm of decline in the thread
    thanks for the info. Actually I'll be leaving in mid-June, so dont really think I can play...........i remember you from the time I first joined CW. I was 'ReallyCrazy' back then, nice to see you again.
    Hey, just letting you know that Franz had already been nominated, so I'm taking yours as a second.
    The records will survive if you press the save button after simming the matches, and overwrite the tsd.ckt file. All the files need to be in the same folder. As for the ground data, I assume you mean the pace-movement-spin thing? just enter what you feel reflects the ground typically.

    Sent you a mail, but it was sent back as undelivered with an error message. Anyway, the required files are here: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting. The vc4.exe file needs to be run and the tsd.ckt file loaded into it to continue from where the series was left off. I was thinking a 5 test series with 3 tests at the home of the #1 team and 2 at the home of the #2 team, but considering that only 1 win separates the two teams, wouldn't mind even a 6 test series.

    Cheers mate
    ok what i was suggesting that you can put the first day prediction on my behalf.as i wont be able to access the site for next 2 days :)
    could you please post the first day Australian open prediction for me as well....ie if we have a prediction thread
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