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Recent content by Lillian Thomson

  1. Lillian Thomson

    James Anderson

    Titmus would surely have played the majority of his Test career with Cowdrey in the side.
  2. Lillian Thomson

    James Anderson

    In terms of span Brian Close is the one that instantly springs to mind having debuted at 18 and finished at 45. I hesitate to call it longevity as his selections were on and off and in the main fairly inexplicable based on level of achievement.
  3. Lillian Thomson

    James Anderson

    No, I've been out in the sun all day. :tooth: And misremembered quite how long ago he died. There was a thread on England's worst ever selection (started by Richard I think) and Goughy chose Ben Hollioake. Fred suggested in one of his articles that Ben might have eventually become captain, and...
  4. Lillian Thomson

    James Anderson

    Goughy had a major downer on Ben Hollioake. Absolutely slated him whenever he came up - before and after his death. He reckoned he was a poor club standard cricketer and no potential to improve. I know nothing of Goughy's cricket background so ................. anyway, strayed off the point...
  5. Lillian Thomson

    How many test wickets will Anderson end up with?

    The option 651 should be there or there's a chance no one can be right. I thought he was finished after only lasting about 20 minutes of the last home Ashes, but with the next Ashes less than a year away I don't see him retiring unless he gets injured again.
  6. Lillian Thomson

    In terms of aesthetics, what is the finest test innings you have seen?

    Not his most famous or important innings, but Viv’s 140 odd at Lords in 1980 was sublime, almost a run a ball, but it wasn’t brutal hitting. All grace and timing. I didn’t see all his centuries outside of England, but this was the best in England (though nowhere near biggest).
  7. Lillian Thomson

    India Doom and Gloom Thread

    I saw a picture of a group of Indian players in masks at an airport this morning. Someone needs to unarchive last years tour thread for the Final Test.
  8. Lillian Thomson

    James Anderson

    I don’t remember simmy at all, but of all the stuff (good word that) written in 2007 this is not bad. :chef:
  9. Lillian Thomson

    *Official* Tennis Thread

    Considering the winner gets 2000 points and the most anyone else gets is 1200 he clearly has more to lose than anyone else. This combined with the US Open, which is what my post did before it was cut into bits, risks him dropping out of the top 16.
  10. Lillian Thomson

    *Official* Tennis Thread

    It's looking like Djoko could be heading out of the top 16. He'll lose his points for winning Wimbledon last year barring an unlikely act of common sense from the ATP and as things stand he won't be allowed to play in the US Open or any of the other hard court tournaments in America due to being...
  11. Lillian Thomson

    England players and selection discussion thread

    Both Overton’s selected but no sign of Crawley being replaced. They must assuming injuries amongst the fast bowlers. :detective
  12. Lillian Thomson

    ***Official English Football Season 2021/22***

    I was responding to Uppercut’s post about there being a thread, and finding there was one. I had no idea why mags posted that link, I figured it’s a mod thing.
  13. Lillian Thomson

    ***Official English Football Season 2021/22***

    I either missed the thread or was being rude? I can live with either. :tooth:
  14. Lillian Thomson

    ***Official English Football Season 2021/22***

    Is there enough interest in the Women’s Euro’s to give it its own thread, or should it stay in this one, or perhaps never be mentioned ever?
  15. Lillian Thomson

    Botham V Stokes

    Best place for it.