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King Pietersen

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  • We've got the best bowling attack in the world at the moment, I don't know why anyone is concerned. I'd rather see Johnson, Siddle, Clark, Lee and Watson, with Clarke bowling part-time spin. That would be a real 5 man attack. Is Watson fit?

    Hilfenhaus = Hoggard
    cheers. I haven't really finished fully knocking it in, will this be a problem?

    Oh just a random thing but, I had a semi-final cup match yesterday in cricket and we won!! Got the final soon :D
    His join date was June 2009... I'm sure that you joined before that in March 2009? LOL! What did he get banned for?

    Aye, are you interested in wrestling simulator games? You can now download TEW 2005 for free.
    Greattttttttt work, you got Highlander to join cricketweb. Soon enough the rest of the rejects on planetcriket will be ere.
    hey. I know I have oiled my bat and knocked it in for a bit now, but I really do worry i might not do it right!! Can I just apply a sheet to it? Anti scuff i think it's called? Is it alright to do that even if i have oiled it and that?
    I think by the time the Ashes is over, Australia would've retained the Ashes and Bopara would've well and truly been labelled as Peter Siddle's bitch.

    Get on the Siddle bandwagon while you still can.
    Warne - "Bopara is a good first-class cricketer, but he is not an international cricketer''

    What is your reponse? I think Warne's on the money as per usual. Bopara is nothing more then a minnow-bashing hack.
    Thanks a lot dude!!! I have done all that so far... Just oiled it for the second time after reading your reply. Much thanks!
    hey man. Thought you might be able to help me. I've oiled my brand new bat.. but I've used raw linseed oil this time rather than boiled.. do i leave it for the same 24hours or 48hours like i've read some places? Please help!!
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