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King Pietersen

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  • Did you see the India vs Australia topics after the Sydney Test 2008? That was epic and went on for weeks.
    I hope you are seriously laying into Indians on Planetcricket and letting them know how **** they are at cricket because if you are not then I will be seriously disappointed in you. You should be starting threads like "Is this the beginning of the end for Indian Cricket?" or "Is India's dominance over before it even begun?". You should also be telling saisirini80, how fat and ugly he is and how he should clean his glasses and see that INDIA ARE OUT OF THE TWENTY20 WORLD CUP! Also, use tons of emotions like dancing cheerleaders to mock surender.

    Also, Don Bradman > All...

    Greatest sportsmen of alltime.
    Oh ok, cool. If you can manage a run-a-ball 24 then I might be in with a good shout of posting my first ever triple-ton. ;)
    Gonna have to get in Meaks ear about getting into a club in England for next season. How far away is Surrey from Suffolk?
    Thanks for that - some good advice there. You need it especially. Gotta reach double figures this season, aye. :D
    What's it like to know that you lived in an era where England have lost numerous cricket series' 5-0?
    You were making excuses for Ravi Bopara being dismissed by a 15 year old because it was a Twenty20 match, so by your logic, being beaten by the Windies in Tests is allot more embarrassing to losing to them in a Twenty20 match. The thing about Broad is that no matter what, his going to be remembered as a guy who could hit for six 6's in an over for the rest of his career. The fact that the batsman who hit the six 6's is the most overrated hack in cricket history makes it even worse. If I were a bowler and got hit for six 6's in an over then I'd never get over it. It'd be like getting a duck on debut or a king pair, I'd never get over something as humiliating as that.

    BTW, I thought that I'd remind you that Matthew Hayden is god and Ravi Bopara is a minnow basher, but Kevin Pietersen's still alright.
    Getting beaten by the Netherlands would haunt him far more? HA! Getting hit for six 6's in an over is the worst possible thing that can happen to a bowler, it's like getting a king pair in a Test match, but worse. If I do recall, England did get beaten the West Indies in a Test series just recently and that was like their first Test series win in over half a decade.
    You know the difference between England and Australia? England play their subcontient players that grow up in the country whilst Australia doesn't. All subcontient players that grow up in Australia are rubbish and what I've seen, all of the subcontient players that grow up in England are rubbish aswell. If England played english-born players instead of testing pretending subcontient players then your country would be a more successful cricket team.
    I made that post before Bopara was dismissed, but as soon as he got out I knew you would be pissed off and agro about it. Don't worry, I'll destroy him for you........... one day.

    Do you reckon Broad will get hit for six 6's in an over in this tournament again? :D
    How pissed off would you be if your heros Ravi Bopara & Kevin Pietersen got destroyed by a bowler born in 1992, who is over 2 years younger then you? Would that want to make you play for England more just to get back at them?
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