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  • Oh yeah I'd have thought you'd be getting it for the old stuff if you did have it, though there's always the chance of having it hooking you in if you were bored and a PPV was on
    Football season is 9 months long here, I attend all home games and some aways, and I have a full time job and three kids and I still fit in 10 hours a week plus Raw and Smackdown. You need to check yourself haha

    Jk man but there is seriously so much gold on there. This morning I watched Hogan V Flair from a MSG house show in 91
    please go back and respond to each of my posts in the thread since your last.
    Yep the 16th. Apologies for delay in replying. I am meeting the missus at 2.30pm in central Sydney but am free before that. How is your Monday looking and can you get hold of Burgey?
    Yeah, sorry the 16th. I'll get in touch with the **** too. He can shout us a Parmi/a.
    I'm in Sydney next month, but as you can probably see from the Girl Trouble thread, I will be a little bit occupied. Only possible option is a lunch on Monday, March 17?
    Yeah the 3 disc sets they do are incredible. Generally have a disc of documentary and two discs of matches. The documentaries usually go on the network. Obviously the matches you can find on there but they don't put those discs on as one feature, if that makes sense.
    Think that might be the first time we've ever been in full agreement in the wrestling thread ha

    Am watching Fall Brawl 96 tonight btw. Better be good.

    I've become more and more of an open borders guy over the last three years to the point where I no longer support any immigration restrictions except against violent criminals and members of violent organisations ("terrorist groups"). So I have a refugee-related question for you.

    How would you actually deal with the problem of people showing up without papers? Even if one's immigration policy was purely restricted to security concerns, not being able to clear supposed refugees as non-threats because they don't have any identification just leaves you in a tough spot. I don't think any government has really come up with a policy on this that wasn't absolutely terrible, and given you're pretty outspoken on this topic I thought I'd ask for your thoughts.
    So is cricket mainly a Sachin-led thing from when you were a kid? Or is it a case you feel loyalty to both countries in terms of nationality? Hope that doesn't sound like I'm being rude or whatever btw. Dual nationality always interests me. Got a cousin who was born over here but has lived pretty much his whole life since a fairly young age in the states. He's very American in many ways but a fiercely proud Englishman.
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