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  • Deledio - lost though, because I had cox as captain instead of Swan :(

    Rafa losing made up for it though

    not enough big guns tstl. I stuffed up at the start, and have had to trade my way to a decent team :(

    Selected it well before the first round, and then forgot to update before it was too late 8|

    Thanks :)
    Okay, you need to go premium, not enough big guns in there.

    Get Deledio. Forget saving money :)
    Cyril Rioli, Robbie Gray (looking to trade), Mitch Morton, Robin Nahas, Mitch Brown, Lance Franklin, Jason Porplyzia

    (A Cornelius, Stokes) - Benched
    Okay I think you may have left your computer, and as I have to go now I'll write a list of forwards under 380k I think you should think about getting (in order). If you have any of them already, go to the next one:

    Ryan O'Keefe (now that Hall & O'Loughlin are back, he's going to do really well)
    Deledio (midfielder as a forward is always good, and he's not even playing well yet averaging 90. If he lifts he easily will average 100)
    Gia (bargain value)
    Nathan Brown (gunning it)
    Aaron Davey (big improvement, but not a guaranteed 100 every week)
    Goodwin (reckon he won't be consistent for you, I wouldn't get him).
    Jonathan Brown (up and down this year)
    Brad Johnson (also up and down, some horrible scores mixed with good ones. Too old now I reckon)

    Let me know what you do :)
    Hey man.

    Can you write down your forward line (including emergencies)? So I'll know the others you have and can make a recommendation :)
    Hey dude, would appreciate some quick AFL DT help. Trading one of my forwards (robbie gray) and will have approx 380k to spend. Recommendations? I'm looking at Giansiracusa (or however the hell you spell it) or Goodwin. Davey, Johnson and Deledio are others as well. But yeah, so confused, any tips? Your suggestion?
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