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  • No worries mate! Have fun, they're three of the best games on the console. I hope they're all there though, I forgot to stickytape the box, lol.

    Just send them back when you're done, no rush though, won't have a lot of time for games this year, esp ones Ive already finished.
    Hey man, how did you go in the end? Would be happy to send you some games in the post btw while you recover, only collecting dust on the shelf.
    Dunno. The default for getting into routers is in internet explore with username and password as "admin". Try mucking around in there, otherwise just make a thread in whirlpool and they'll help. Been very good whenever I have issues.
    Hey man, check out this subforum

    Networking - Whirlpool Forums

    They're usually pretty helpful and have discussed pretty much all issues and different models. Search for Ps3 as well, people have had the same issues in the past also.

    Also check this in the gaming subforum

    Thread Title Search - Whirlpool Forums
    Hey dude :),

    Just wanted to make sure that the staking deal hadn't slipped your mind, do you have any idea when you'll be able to send the stake over?


    Oh, and what's your FT name? In case I need it if I have to talk to Tilt (if you've sent allready and it just hasn't gone through).
    Hey. Did you send through the money last night? Because it hasn't come through yet, but I don't know if you've sent it yet.


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