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  • When I joined the mod team, it was made clear to me that I should not respond to PMs regarding infractions and bans and such. It was agreed upon by all mods that we would ask the poster in question to email the whole team.

    There are good reasons for this. We make judgment calls on our own and all of us are perfectly willing to acknowledge that we might have made a mistake. The only reasonable way this can happen is if the matter is brought forth to the attention of the entire team. And we don't want it to get personal with the posters in question.

    That said, since you have managed to post 8k odd posts without too many infractions from me, that should suggest I'm at the very least okay with your posting in terms of being within forum rules. Sometimes, your posts make me laugh.
    If you have a concern regarding the infraction, please write an email to moderators@cricketweb dot net
    Discovery of 300,000-year-old fossils rewrites origins of Homo sapiens - Science News - ABC News

    Remarkable findings. Interesting that the cranial vault is the last to develop if this holds and it doesn't turn out to be a middle-ground species.

    Wouldn't be at all surprised now if the long-models for dispersal are right.

    Help me understand this post.
    Hope everything goes as well as it can with your old man mate. Tough times. Give us a shout if you need a hand with anything or just want to have a talk.
    Please stop having cracks at Blocky in the tour thread unprovoked, it's a surefire way to start tedious and soul-sapping fights.
    1/2 Final!
    Just started...

    Final four greatest movie characters remaining...
    4 .ROUND!! 16 greatest movie characters remaining...

    Come and vote for yours favorites..

    I re-opened my movie characters tournament today , so come and vote for your favorites...
    It's 3 Round now, so this is Invite to voting , this time I will finish job..
    thread is on OFF.TOPIC

    See ya..
    Hey mate, Mid year Shield draft is starting today. Be sure to check the thread if you can.
    Just letting you know you are up. Trying to get picks in quick so we dont have to wait the usual 8 hours for Jimmy. No rush though!
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