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  • Am up there running hearings on 15 (and possibly 14) April if you're keen for a nose bag.
    No worries. I'd decided to let people have their rant in the SD thread without interfering after I'd said my piece (which was a mistake in hindisght), but when you dragged it in CC I just wanted a break from the whole thing for a day or so entirely. I always feel a bit queasy giving people infractions for insulting/trolling *me*, especially when it's over mod stuff because I think if I can't take it I just shouldn't do the job, but if you'd done that to someone else I probably would have given you a warning for it.

    Hopefully we'll have a Endlösung der Shrifrage for you soon. Sieg Heil.
    Just saw this message. I have come to realize the errors of my ways when it comes to your brand of trolling. It's sacred and priceless and beautiful, what you do. It illuminates and encourages dialectical discussions. You, my friend, do the playful teasing that deepens relationships and authenticates them. The Cas's are but a fleeting shadow of gloom upon your shining shrine upon the hill. Amen.
    it’s mainly just been uni man, the grind doesn’t stop����
    anyway how you been? looks like the forum’s gone ever so slightly downhill after i left my post
    How were his hands positioned?

    Hey man I don't judge. I think you and your kind should accept your place and stop protesting but I support you and I don't have any prejudices about what genitalia you enjoy at all.
    That's because you can't read.

    So basically you were the bloke who dug up that coffin in Alexandria then? I bet you're dying to see if Alexander is mummified and still has a dick.
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