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  • Hah really? Never had you pegged for a Twitter guy.

    Never got into it myself. Can't stand the character limit.
    Haha yeah probably. Probably not from me though. If I wanted to engage with snarky self righteous drive bys I'd hang out on Twitter.
    if such an abomination exists then you need to eat a bullet. post reported for crimes against the cullinary arts.
    lord of the rings if you've never read it obv, and wheel of time is flawed genius that you'll either love or hate. books 4-6 were a great leap forward for the genre.

    im not actually that widely read in fantasy because it's a genre that's hard to get right. i've only just got back into fiction this year after years of non-fiction haha so if you find any good books yourself let me know.
    nah, but she has been reccommended to me a lot and there's a lot of them. if you're thinking of reading her stuff i say go for it.
    You don't have anything to apologize for :)

    It was mostly sledger's behaviour which I thought went overboard.

    Thank you, though.
    More likely to than at the Ricoh but that’s purely because I can get there by train but would have to drive to the Ricoh.
    You're lucky to have Europe on your doorstep with no doubt fairly cost effective flights :)

    What I was thinking too, would be an awesome country to visit for many different reasons. Have you been there ?
    That's good, hope your twins are still as well as ever, and keeping you on your toes :) Nice! Where you headed?

    Thinking of heading to South America, maybe Brazil for a trip. Should do something big as been a pretty eventful past couple of years in many ways so feel like I deserve it.
    Busy as with work and the like mate but otherwise doing fine. Turning 40 this year and thinking of ideas to bring it up in style. How are you doing?
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