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  • Hi, I received an e-mail from HMRC saying that I have got through to the Assessment Centre for the Tax Professional Graduate Programme. I would be grateful if you could let me know what happens and how I should prepare.

    Hey, I got a call from the HMRC today. They told me that I have been short listed for a role and will get back in touch with me.
    They'll take graduates, don't worry. Think about 50% of the intake we've had at this grade since I started have been graduates.

    Was it in Edinburgh, or was it out at Bathgate?
    Thanks for the reply. Interview went great (or so I think). It was only a competency based interview and I think I had good answers for each. I managed to answer the competency without much prompting. What I don't know is that if they take on graduates or not.

    Nonetheless I had a great day. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and enjoyed my time there after the interview. I will let you know if i get the place or not but thanks for all your help (I will also badger you about the tax professional development programme I applied to).
    Sorry to bother you again, but I just wanted to get some tips from you regarding the Admin Office interview that I have tomorrow. I have done research on HMRC but any extra help would be grateful. Any ideas on what type of questions that they could ask? Also what is TFTA and how is it different to HMRC?
    Thanks for the info on the holidays. regarding the interview guaranteed scheme, I applied because they said you can apply if you have had a long-term illness. I was actually born with a genetic blood disorder. Because of this my body doesn't produce red blood cells. So I have to have regular transfusions to top up my blood.

    I actually applied for 2 HMRC jobs. The first one is the one I have already told you about. The second one is in Edinburgh for an operational delivery role under personal tax (line of business) and customer operations (directorate). I have been invited for an interview for this role. Would you know anything about it. Really appreciate it if you could help me out for the interview.

    HM Revenue & Customs: Assistant Officer, Edinburgh

    Infact, those holiday periods you mentioned - They are designated 'Peak periods', where the leave rulebook is thrown out and you can basically forget getting time off in any structured manor... you might get the odd day if your lucky, but so many apply in that time, and theres so little available!
    Haha, don't know where you heard that, but you won't get that many, your not a teacher. It does actually state on the site, 22 days, rising to 25 after probation (1 year). Then its 30 after 10 years. You also get 10.5 public holidays. The bad news is the only day were guarantee'd to be shut is Christmas day.

    As for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme..... Bit of a animal IMO. I personally refuse to use it, even though I can, I just don't think it gives the right impression - Your going for a senior role, you can't say the world needs to give you 25% more thinking time, it just doesnt work like that.... However if I do go for our Fast Stream again next year, I might consider it, as I'm getting so close without (i qualify due to dyslexia)
    Does the Government really give all these holidays?

    Normal Holidays with a company are around 22-25 days. This post with the HMRC gives the 22 days in addition to 2 weeks in Christmas, 4 weeks in Summer, 1 week in Easter and 1 week in May. That's a lot of Holidays. Man this job must be really tough if they are to give so much of a break.

    Will definitely let you know about my progression (if there is any at all). In the application form i applied for the Guarentee Interview Scheme. Do you know anything more about that?
    Thanks a lot buddy. really appreciate your help. I have tried the online tests you explained already in previous applications, so that shouldn't be a problem (plus I bought some online).

    I realise it will be a difficult job because of the qualification that they offer, but there is no harm in trying at this point in time.

    I absolutely hate those questionnaires (the 150 Q's regarding your personality) because they then ask you about them during the interview and if you have answered 2 similar worded questions differently then you are screwed.

    Again thanks for all your help and watch this space because I am going to badger you if I qualify for the assesment centre :P
    Hey man, you are the only one I know who works for the HMRC. I applied to their graduate tax development programme and have to do an online test. Would be grateful if you could provide some tips for it.

    Here is the link to the job I am talking about

    HM Revenue & Customs: Graduate Programme (Is this the job that you are doing?)
    No mate (thank god)

    I work in Northwich, close enough for my liking

    This guy must have been a looker
    Hey mate, Cribbage is running a simming comp in the World Cup subforum, head on over
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