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  • Fair enough - not sure if it's easy to get a team or not this year - I have a squad but not sure on some of the players just yet.
    For the Fantasy Football thing, I think you need to log in and go to leagues then there's an option to renew your leagues - nice and easy to do - can leave someone else to post updates, I seem to remember Piscine was keen to do it until he started being **** at the game. Not sure why they haven't automatically restarted them, always used to.
    Was at work today from 8 till 4 and just before the day ended, I get a ****ty call, with employment change but the women had no clue about the dates and whether she was self employed or not. In addition she couldn't understand a lot of the questions I was asking her and so had to go slow and repeat myself a few times. What should have been a straight forward 6-7 min call ended up being much longer and had to endure the embarrassment of being waited upon by the manager to lock up. :@
    Hey mate. You'll be playing a game in Rugby Sim later today (a reserves match - Landsharks vs. Conquerors). Also, next time you venture onto Cricsim of your own volition, why not do a Cricket Sim registration. Eventually hoping to reform the Fardingham ****atoos, of which you were such a vitally important constituent part.
    cpr! Aust Open Predictions - post in general sports forum if you're keen! (day late but anywho)
    Hey, had my tests and have to say they were bloody hard. The maths was OK, but the verbal reasoning was really hard. Hard to read through 4 pages of information on 3 hypothetical projects and answer 10 questions in 15 minutes. Too much information to take in.

    The written exercise wasn't exactly how you said it would be, but it was similar. Future scenario regarding project management and as assistant project manager I had to write up 5 tasks. They involved replying to an e-mail, letter from a director to making management decisions. Couldn't really set it out with headings and stuff because they were regarding different situations and again involved reams of info to go through.

    Really worried about the result of this, am hoping I pass but have a bad feeling.
    Hi, Thanks a lot for your information. I can now go in and be more confident regarding section B and also approach it the right way.

    Good luck with your application for the Whitehall role. :)
    Hi, I realise I am probably being annoying now, but my test is on Monday 9th Jan. I hope you can let me know before then.

    Cheers, my assessment centre takes place on the 9th and only has tests.

    1. Online test to be completed at home after the assessment centre (from 9th Jan - 23rd Jan). The test is a logical reasoning test. So it's one of those logical diagram series and you have to guess the next stage in the series.

    2. The assessment centre itself has 2 tests on a computer (a. and b.).

    a. 3 Short multiple choice analytical exercises requiring interpretation from tables, graphs, and a written report. 45 minutes for this exercise.

    b. Written project planning exercise. Provide written responses to a number of issues arising on a theoretical project from the info pack. 75 minutes for this exercise.

    If I pass this assessment centre (including the online logic test), I then progress to the final stage, which is another assessment centre. I think this one includes interview, group exercise and presentation.

    Let me know if you find anything useful.

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