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Recent content by anil1405

  1. anil1405

    *Official* New Zealand v India T20s & ODIs

    Kick Pant out of white ball cricket.
  2. anil1405

    Your favorite Woman Cricketer

    Is it possible to marry Laura Wolvaardt's cover drive? 🤔
  3. anil1405

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Step aside Sir Garry, Shastri, Gibbs, Yuvraj and co. Your record for six sixes in an over has been surpassed by Ruturaj Gaikwad who scored seven sixes in an over today in the Vijay Hazare trophy Quarter finals. Meanwhile in another game, Riyan Parag is running riot against J&K. Batting in 156...
  4. anil1405

    Ricky Ponting vs Kumar Sangakkara

    Wouldn't really call it coincidence when someone opts to stop keeping wickets and put his entire focus on batting.
  5. anil1405

    *Official* New Zealand v India T20s & ODIs

    Target 161. If world's no.1 bowler wasn't playing I would've said India were the fav's but let's see.
  6. anil1405

    Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2022

    I'll skip the next edition.
  7. anil1405

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Yeah, who tf scores 277 in an ODI game with 8 overs to go.
  8. anil1405

    *Official* New Zealand v India T20s & ODIs

    Has he fixed his attitude yet?
  9. anil1405

    Top 10 Greatest Fast Bowlers of All Time in Tests?

    Lillee dislikes this post.
  10. anil1405

    The Brisbane Breakthrough

    The combined number of tests that the 5 man bowling attack played prior to Brisbane was a grand total of FOUR test matches.
  11. anil1405

    When did you start watching cricket ?

    First memories - India tour of Aus in 1991-92. Vaguely remember few incidents of the ODI series in that tour and then 1992 WC got me interested in the game. But what got me hooked was the video tapes my grandfather had of the games from late 70s and 80s that I used to watch every time I went...
  12. anil1405

    The Brisbane Breakthrough

    Yeah. But what's still baffling is Australia have gone unbeaten at GABBA for 32 years and then lost to that other side. NEVER.
  13. anil1405

    The Brisbane Breakthrough

    This image randomly bumped into my social feed. I couldn't be arsed to find the relevant series thread. That difference in quality on the bowling front is... How did that even happen?