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  • Hi Aldo. I've always seen Thomson as a Test match bowler rather than a ODI bowler. And Thomo and Holding will make a formidable new ball partnership. His ODI SR (49) and ER (4.3) aren't bad, but not as good as some ODI bowlers. For example, Kapil Dev is 44 and 3.7, and Vaas is 39 and 4.2. So, I think to get the best of out Thomo you need a bowler who is a perceived miser, even though Holding is already very economical. That just my 2 cents worth, so feel free to ignore it.
    Hi Aldo. GI Joe's turn will expire in about 1 hour from now. So your turn then. Cheers - Watson
    Woolley is a classic middle- order batsman and very good allrounder/ 5th bowler. Nice choice AldoRaine. Remember that there are 12 Rounds, so you can leave your worse selection to last as he becomes the 12th man.
    Hi man. Are you thinking of getting back to posting in cricsim? If yes, I'll tell Speirs to sign you for the Stickies. New season is starting. Kings are a bowler short. You might also get a game for Asia 2nds as the season progresses.
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