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Thread: The Diminutive Fast Bowlers Thread

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    calling out bang bang kiss kiss
    Ryan Harris was under 6 foot tall

    Quote Originally Posted by zorax View Post
    Is height really a pre-requisite for bowling speed?

    I always figured it's only really useful if you're a hit-the-deck kind of bowler. The types with a high arm action and release, who really run through the crease and thud the ball in. If you're the kind of bowler who is generating pace by coiling up your body and then unwinding with really rapid arm speed, looking to bowl full and swing in, then height doesn't really matter does it? If anything, being taller tends to make you more lumbering and less athletic.
    It's really much less fun to face, because it's that little bit harder to pick the length when it's coming down with that little bit more vertical speed relative to other bowlers.
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    Yeah it’s a different game when the bowler gets a lot of bounce. Different and not as much fun as a batsman.

    Who’s that bloke who bowls serious heat for England in T20s? Was out here in he BBL last year too. Is it Mills? He doesn’t look that tall but crazy fast.

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    id like to see kemar roach and neil wagner stand next to kane williamson or brendon mccullum because i dont think they'd be much taller
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    k :) sounds good. u just want to have the most don't ya?? ;)
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    Hehe - of course :D
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    u and ure eleven cricket balls........
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    HEHE :D

    You can finish up with a lot more ;)
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    It feels like cricket's definitely a bit of a short man's game, at least compared to other sports.
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    There's definite advantage to batsmen being short.

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