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The Diminutive Fast Bowlers Thread


International Coach
Since most of the fast bowlers are well and truly tall, 6' 2" and up.

Wanted to see if there are players under 6-foot tall who can clock it on average 140 km/h and more.

We had Fidel Edwards. I can not recall the guys from yesterday maybe some of the older members here can contribute.

Thanks :)


International Regular
Wiki reckons 5'10" for Lindwall, though he still qualifies.
Larwood was about 5'8".
More recently, Steyn and Darren Gough are just under 6 foot.


Hall of Fame Member
I believe Neil Wagner and Mohammed Amir aren't particularly tall, but I'll have to consult Thierry Henry


International Coach
Trueman was 5'10", and Brian Statham about the same. John Snow is listed on Wiki as 5'11", although whether that's true is anyone's guess.

I find it funny that people these days are obsessed with height in fast bowlers (in fairness they always have, but there's more really tall people to choose from these days) Yet two of the best bowlers over this decade, Harris and Steyn, are 181 and 179 cm respectively, with Philander being perhaps a little less than Steyn as well.


International Coach
Lillee and Akhtar are usually listed as 182 cm, although someone seems to have been going around Wikipedia changing them to a round 183 / 6'0" recently. Thomson was about the same, maybe a hair shorter than Lillee? Not that 180 or more is really diminutive.


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How tall is Brett Lee?

Cracker Holdsworth was short AF and was probably the quickest bowler in Australia in the early 90s.


International Coach
A lot of the early Windies fast bowlers were 'short' (really about average for the time). Manny Martindale was 5' 8 1/2", Learie Constantine about 5'6", George Francis maybe about the same as Martindale and George John 5'10".