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Thread: Kallis retires from Tests

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    Kallis retires from Tests

    Well, ****.

    India Cricket News: Jacques Kallis to retire after Durban Test | ESPN Cricinfo

    Usual guidelines re: retirement threads apply.
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    too soon
    Indians can't bowl - Where has the rumour come from as I myself and many indian friends arwe competent fast bowlers ?

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    xmas is truly ruined

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    so what will kallisball become? i vote philanderball.
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    ^real tearjerker from this cock

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    165 matches, 13174 runs @ 55.12. 44 100's

    200 matches, 15921 runs @ 53.78. 51 100's

    168 matches, 13378 runs @ 51.85. 41 100's

    ok now let's look at their bowling figures
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    ****'s sake. I had high hopes of him reaching 300 wickets at least. Such a shame. The best cricketer of my generation by a considerable distance.
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    Heath worryingly quick.

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    Didn't get quite his due for the majority of his career. All that changed in the final few years where the cricket world recognised what a freak he really is. Only fitting now that he's quite obviously losing his form, he goes out on top.

    Would sort of love it if he smashes a double and takes a bagful of wickets and a few slip catches in the Durban test against us....

    And loses the natch obviously

    Great, great career. Best cricketer of the last 15 years
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    As I once hoped, Kallis wisely decides to retire with his stats intact, unlike guys like Tendulkar, Ponting and co.
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    I too hoped for 13.500 and 300. The very last all-rounder gone?

    So who to replace him in the test team?
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    Good grief, they're dropping like flies.

    I fear for test cricket sometimes.

    Well done Kallis - an especially fine batsman, and very decent bowler
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    I thought the fact 'Shrek the Third' was on TV tonight was a sign.

    Well played old chap!
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    Moeen is a perfectly fine bowler FFS.
    Great career, but I guess he knew the blip in form was something more lasting.

    You just don't replace a player like him, that's his legacy.
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    I still feel the need to underrate him, probably because what he achieved is inexplicably huge.

    On ya big man. I think SA will find they need him a bit more than is being made out right now.

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