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    As his grandson faces a struggle to keep his Test place Martin looks back at the life and times of a man who was never dropped by England

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    Great article. What a player, and such elan about him.

    It's great the player of the Ashes series gets the Compton-Miller award. They were two of a kind in the way they went about it.
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    A big hero of my dad's, and of a man I used to work with, both of whom were born around 1930 and the ideal age for idolising him in those postwar years. I remember that Titmus quote, it was in his Wisden obituary in 1998. EW Swanton paid a nice tribute as well: "I doubt if any game at any period has thrown up anyone to match his popular appeal in the England of 1947 to 1949."

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    Top quality stuff, fred.

    That's a, er, beast of a quote from Skinner too.
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    Great read as always.
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