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Thread: Galle cricket ground devastated by Tsunami

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    Galle cricket ground devastated by Tsunami

    Attached is a photo of Galle cricket ground now devastated by the Tsunami. I was there in March last year, watching Australia v SriLanka Test Match, in the stand in the picture. Sad to see it absolutely devastated. The pitch and the ground itself must be damaged too !!

    I guess in the scale of things that have happened to the people (0ver 30,000 dead and further 5,000 still unaccounted and over a million destitute), this pales into insignificance !! But still very very sad !!

    Galle is a beautiful coastal town with great history and a historic Dutch Fort and exhillarating views across the Indian Ocean only few minutes from the ground !! That's all destroyed now !!
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    Awful to see that happen to such a beautiful cricket ground.. I hope one day it can be rebuilt
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    Jeez, that looks pretty awful.

    30,000 is a lotta souls & I've heard higher figures bandied about too.
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    Probably alot more deaths than 30,000, very sad
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    Quote Originally Posted by JASON
    I guess in the scale of things that have happened to the people (0ver 30,000 dead and further 5,000 still unaccounted and over a million destitute), this pales into insignificance !! But still very very sad !!
    I don't normally post just saying "I agree" but I felt I have to comment on the matter, and you've already said exactly what I'd say!
    Be a bit like plagiarisation if I didn't give you the credit for it!
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    Today Times Of India had a pic of Sanath Jayasuriya taking a walk inside the Galle looked awful and I m sure many sentiments must have ran thru Sanath's mind...although this is negligible to the loss of lives that SL had to put up with...not to mention my own countrymen...

    I m trying to contribute as much as I can...and I m sure everyone around here is too
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