ECricket is a freeware game currently under development by Paul Robson. The current list of planned features are

  • Freeware. (voluntarycharitydonationware probably)
  • Top down skewed perspective view.
  • Fast game progression so test matches don’t take too long.
  • Full support for as many teams as you want to type in.
  • Clean, effective and simple graphics.
  • Batsmen have a total of 8 possible strokes.
  • Supports Left and Right handed batsmen.
  • Dismissals include Caught, Bowled, Lbw, Run Out and Stumped.
  • Lbws are calculated accurately.
  • Batsmen are defined by 2 numerical characteristics.
  • Bowler types include Seam, Finger and Wrist Spin, Left and Right Handers.
  • Bowlers are defined by 4 numerical characteristics.
  • Game skills are highly configurable from easy to insanely hard.
  • Game parameters can be tweaked as much as you like.
  • No random effects so 4 hours play not ruined by “rain”.
  • Keep track of averages.
  • “Add your own commentary” feature.
  • Save/Load games at end of each over.
  • Open source (eventually).
  • Written in C with virtualised I/O for easy cross platform porting.
  • Works on any resolution, any colour depth.
  • Uses Allegro (3.12 or 3.99+) for easy installation and reliability.


  • E-Cricket


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