The latest in computer software cricket simulations has arrived – introducing Criggit – developed by Tim Glover who was also behind Super Cricket Simulator two-decades ago (then a high school project).

Criggit has been over a decade in the making from concept to reality. The intention was to combine the best elements of ESPNCricInfo with much loved classic simulators (ITC and HODI), whilst also celebrating the modern internet’s advancements and social media integration.

Featuring fun ITC-inspired icons to represent all types of outcomes that can happen each delivery, to a CricInfo dashboard layout, run rate graphs, and accurate text scorecards; you’ll have hours of fun creating teams and simulating matches! The game is also great for email and fantasy cricket leagues.

Criggit is able to produce accurate results across both T20 and ODIs formats and users are able to output their results to the Criggit Discord server. This makes Criggit both a fun software as well as community, where users can also talk about the game’s roadmap and future features they’d like to see.

Tim has released v0.6.4 as the first Criggit release and a Team Editor is also available for download.


  • Criggit1
  • Criggit2
  • Criggit3
  • Criggit4
  • Criggit5


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