Cricket Captain 2021 Review


Cricket Captain 2021, the latest iteration of Childish Thing’s Cricket Captain series, bears a newer look on its face with the introduction of a new logo, a yellow helmet, which is also present on the game’s folder icon. There are newer features present in the game too- it boasts the addition of a ‘Super Over’ to the game (Unconfirmed reports suggest that the New Zealand parliament has taken a grim view of this development), allows the players to receive job offers from around the world and has made certain changes in its interface, like an updated database, Target RPO (T. RPO) being replaced with Estimated RPO (E. RPO), etc.


Possible New Tournament on the Horizon and its Causing Controversy


The story, suggestion, idea and now controversial plan has been circulating the press for the past couple of days with England’s director Andrew Strauss wanting to produce a new tournament, 100-ball competition. Perhaps with the World Cup in mind which comes about in May 2019, the host might have the right idea to boost the […]


Andy Ganteaume – Statistically the Greatest


The highest batting average in Test history belongs to Trinidadian Andy Ganteaume who died yesterday at 95. By way of a tribute to one of the game’s most famous cameo performance we are republishing a feature that first appeared in 2009, with the title “Better than Bradman?”